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Advice on using Motor Home in French Alps

bertie burstner

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I would appreciate advice and suggestions on surving a weeks visit to Ski resorts around Grenoble. I have a Citroen Jumper 2.8 HDI with a T605 Privalege Burstner build. First Reg.Dec.03 .I am buying snow chaines and external blinds (already have inside set) Hope to stop on Aire sites so may need generator for electric. Has any one used a Non Toxic Anti Gel in on Board water supply.Heating is by C343-E Trumatic Propane Gas supply.

Leaving on 22.02.08. I have been told I need to purchase a special Diesal fuel in the Grenoble area.

All comments gratefully recieved

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Hi and welcome I cannot help with the technical stuff sorry .

The thng that I can tell you is that we are not long back from there and we have a Bessacarr which has a certain standard for the winter .

Our pipes froze our sink froze and we had no water . To be honest i actually dont know how we would of coped if we were in an Aire we were not and we were lucky that we could use the campsite facilities to wash and cook ..

It was very cold and yesterday we had an e mail with the latest snow dump . So my advice to you is Dont put on your handbreak leave it in gear as the cable freeze's Do leave your waste outlet open . Do use a little anti freeze in the toilet system ...Other than that have a wonderful time and yes you will need your snow chains .


Edited to ay you might like to read this ...check out the blogg.


Just to say I am back from our skiing trip to the alps, also took in Luxembourg and a few other places on the way home. The purpose of this post is just to say a massive thankyou to those that offered advice since planning back in September. We have had a really wonderful time and those that have contributed to a novices needs a big thankyou. Special thanks to Kevs site and to Ned and Michelle for all your help.


Motorhoming---- you can't beat it


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check out my updated blog now got my skiing trip.


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