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Favourite artist..


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My favourite artist I supose is Thorburn, O.K. I know he's a bit 'country pub' but I like his studies of wildlife, we have a large print of 'The Bridle Path' and several smaller prints of his works, but my favorite painting is one by J Whitehand, the old Boscastle harbour master, most of his paintings where of Yachts but in his gallery there was one of a 'magical' wooded valley, a simple work I guess but as soon as I saw it I was entranced and I've been the proud owner for nearly 30years.


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That's make a good avatar for your Janine!


We just discovered a painter called Glen Scouller.

Found one of his in a local gallery reduced from £400-odd to £75, bought it 'cos we liked it, and only later discovered that his stuff often goes for thousands.

The one we bought is a watercolour, of the same scene as this oil painting:


Title of ours is just "Church - circling doves," but this other one identifies the location so we'll probably go and have a look while we're down there in April.



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