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Seat belts in Motorhomes

Don Madge

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Following a thread on the Motorhome List on seats in motorhomes the follow might be an eyeopener for some.


"Since 20 October 2007 manufacturers have had to declare, and fit belts to, all seats in the rear except those seats intended solely for use when the vehicle is stationary. At the moment it is not illegal to carry passengers in unbelted rear seats as long as all belted seats are in use. However this will become illegal in May 2009."


There are more details at http://www.ukmotorhomes.net/faqs.shtml#seatbelts





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found this on the same web site link


"The new requirements will mean that from May 2009, in any vehicle of whatever age, where seat belts are fitted in the rear, more passengers may not be carried in the rear than there are seat belts available.


"The critical points are that for owners of older motorhomes, it will not become illegal to carry passengers in the rear, provided that no seatbelts are fitted to any seats behind the driver and front passenger seats".


"Owners of any motorhome that has belts fitted to any seat in the rear will need to be aware that, from May 2009, it will be illegal to carry passengers in any unbelted seats".





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