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France Passion

Don Madge

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If you renew your France Passion membership by 18th February 2008 you save £2.00. You can do this by calling the UK agent on 0131 208 3333 between 8.30 and 4.30. Mon - Fri.

You will need your membership number and a card for payment.


Key facts for 2008

200 more stopovers making 1300 in total.

Still no GPS coordinates.

Slight price increase from £19.50 to £21.00 due to exchange rates.

The guide runs from 1st March 2008 to 12/04/09


Full details at Vicarious Books Motorhome, Caravan & Camping Book Specialist, aires guides and campsite guides from Europe ACSI, France Passion, All The Aires, Camperstop Europe, Go Motorhoming


Guide not yet in stock but expected soon.


Safe travelling.



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ow much are u makin by advertisin all this stuff then mr madge my biddy. if yous on a commission then u should cum clean and be upfront. alice says your posts always sound like adverts. wot connection av you got to these companys? forum members appreciate info my biddy, but straitforword advertising for gain should go somewhere else. come clean or fred will fire up is tractor an clear all the motorhomes off is empty cl.


the forum is for all, not just freds mates.



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forgot to ad it has bin tb turboed.


the uk only motorhome dynocell is now at tb turboes. turboes autoclutches cruises stainless exhorsts pwer upgrades all available now from tb turboes


a great company to do business with . and cortey cars and overnoght parkin.


get all this if you buy freds elddis 300s and more


ten percent off if u buys it by midnite tonite

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