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truma heater

henry smith

truma heater  

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Hi Henry and welcome .

Some of the chaps are talking about something similar on another thread on the 17th of January . So sorry but the server is playing up so I cannot attach the link for you .

You can either do a search yourself by just typing in Truma and if you put in 1 month that will bring it up. Failing that you need to speak with Derek whom I,m sure will see this and help you .


Good Luck.

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There are lots of reasons why a Truma C-Series heater may not start up properly. These range from basic ones like no gas being present at the appliance (mentioned on the Hints & Tips entry) or the voltage of the battery providing 12V power to the appliance being too low, through 'cleanliness' problems (clogged gas-valves, insect ingress into the heater's innards, spiders' webs in the air-intake/exhaust duct), to physical faults like a failed PCB or cracked insulation on the gas-igniters.


The normal start-up procedure with a C-Series appliance is to switch the thing on, the gas-burner fan will then commence running (it should be possible to hear this happening), then, after a few seconds delay, the gas input-valve will open and the gas-igniters will fire (it's also usually possible to hear these occurrences taking place), after which the heater should operate reliably. Any divergence from this sequence will result in the heater shutting down and the red monitor light on its control panel illuminating and staying on.


After a C-Series appliance has been out of action for some time (eg. when a motorhome is laid-up during the winter months), the start-up procedure may need to be repeated initially several times. This is quite normal and doesn't indicate a fault with the heater. Once air in the gas pipework has been expelled and the heater's gas-burner has begun to function satisfactorily, subsequent start-ups should be hassle-free.


Truma combination-heaters are not DIY-friendly. You've already replaced the PCB and that hasn't done the trick, but any internal fault will demand disassembly of the appliance. I suggest you get in touch with the Truma(UK) technicians for advice, but I suspect they will tell you the same. (www.trumauk.com for contact details)



General comments:


I'm pretty sure that all recent Truma appliance-related postings have referred either to the S-Series convector fire or to the Ultrastore water boiler. The latter has a protective flue-cover for its external vent as standard and, as Dave warns, this must be removed before the boiler is operated on gas (and should be replaced when the boiler is not in use).


As far as I'm aware a protective flue-cover has never been a standard fitment for a Truma C-Series appliance's wall-flue and there's no indication in Truma's product catalogue of one being available. I've yet to see a flue-cover on any motorhome fitted with a C-Series heater, although I did once come across Truma-branded protective flue-covers, claimed to be for 'combis' and at an exorbitant price, on a French motorhome dealership's shelves. Truma offers a flue-cover for the E-2400 blown-air heater's wall-flue, and that flue looks very similar in design to the C-Series wall-flue (though the part numbers differ), so it's just possible that the cover for the E-2400 will also fit on a C-Series flue-outlet and the French dealership was aware of this.


Anyway, enough of this incidental techno-anoraky stuff - let's just emphasise that, if anyone's motorhome gas appliance has a removable protective flue-cover, the cover needs to be removed before the appliance is operated on gas.

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davenewell@home - 2008-01-28 8:14 AM


Hi Henry and welcome to the forum. This might sound obvious and daft but have you removed the cover from the outside vent? I've known a few people who are new to these systems not realise that it is a cover at all.




We must admit to being one of the people Dave mentions above. Never gave it a thought that there was a cover over the outlet. We have now put a sticker on the switch inside the motorhome to remind us to take the cover off even after still doing it a couple of times in the past. It is an easy thing to miss.

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