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dual voltage tv.

Brian Peters

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Hello all, Im thinking of buying a 15" flat screen lcd tv for my motorhome, it needs to be dual voltage,(mains +12v). I can only find unknown makes on the internet, i would prefer a well known brand ie: Sony or Toshiba, but i cant seem to find dual voltage models? I have just fitted a VESA bracket to my motorhome in advance. With 12volts do i need to also purchase a regulator adapter to protect the tv from damage due to fluctuating supply from the leisure battery. I know this type of tv is quite hungry with amps but i have a solar panel fitted which should hopefully cope with the demand.

Perhaps a member might be able to recommend a 15" lcd tv that they are happy with + website address if poss. Many thx.





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We have spent a lot of time finding the right TV, and eventually settled on this one. It does not take a lot of current about 2amps, we found that other TV's took alot out of the battery. It works on 12v or 240. It also has built in Freeview.


Next Base VOY-VY11021R Portable Digital Television/DVD Combi


We brought ours at the Birmingham Show, but if you search on line you should be able to find them.


It is a beauty and packs away in its own hard sided case.


It is a tad expensive, but we feel worth every penny.




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Any LCD TV that has a power pack with it will work on 12Volts, as that is the output of the power pack. You might be advised to get a regulated 12V to 12V power pack that stabilises the supply when running on 12Volts.

Or get a small inverter to power it, that way you get a stabilised 12V output and is not so sensitive of input Voltage.. That's the way we've gone as we also have a DVD player.

I wouldn't go bigger than 15" though.

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