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Lending your Motorhome .. Insurance?


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Hi Folks


I have a South African friend with an international drivers license and I intend to lend my motorhome to him for two weeks of European touring.


However .. my insurance company (Sureterm Direct) flatly refuse to accomodate us.


Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?

Do other companies allow this?

Can we take a short-term policy with someone else?





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Guest Tracker

It probably has more to do with his non UK driving license than his actual nationality as most insurers are wary of non UK licensed foreign nationals on our crowded roads regardless of their experience.


If your friend has recently driven here before and can maybe prove that his UK experience was incident free it might help.


Another ploy maybe to get quotes from other insurers and be prepared to switch insurers.


It may then cost you the loss of unexpired premium but as a responsible insurer who is unable to provide cover Sureteam should at least be prepared to provide a pro rata refund of unexpired premium and supply proof of your NCD if needed.


The threat of losing your business might just change their minds as existing good customers are easy to lose and hard to replace.

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My parents visit from South Africa every year.

We have no problem insuring them for our cars, we have not tried with our motorhome though.

We pay extra for 1 month or any licensed driver (they have said the South African international driving license is fine).


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Surely there will be a difference between adding a family member/ friend to your licence and adding someone to whom it will be rented out to.


Renting out is often not allowed probably due to the fact that the Insurance companies feel that a friend will treat it better than an (unknown?) stranger who is renting it.


YouTube has some interesting clips showing motorhomes being very badly maltreated, probably by someone who has rented it.

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