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Kitchen Extractor ..... [in Eriba 636 vintage 2004]


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I am asking for help re the kitchen extractor unit on this model.

This or a similar unit also appears to be included on Hymer B models 2007


I have a new motorhome without an extractor and by chance spotted the Eriba model parked up alongside for a lunch stop. Before they took off again I was able to take a quick look at the extractor. It is possible that this unit may be utilised in our motorhome.


I would like to know the following:


1) the depth of the unit, ie from cabinet front to rear? [we only have 8 inches]


2) the length of the unit?


3) where on the length the extractor pipe exits through the cupboard and then the side wall , or is this changeable according to need?


4) which side is the socket placed?


5) anything else that might be relevant.


In hope of a definitive answer,


My Thanks




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Thanks Flicka


Regretfully that is not the model I am looking for.


The one I spotted exits through the side wall and has rectangular section solid pipework such as I have on my extractor at home. The whole extractor unit must be approx 30" wide/long and fits between two bulkheads.


Unfortunately at the time I did not think to whip out my camera and take some pictures. The grille to the outside is approx 6" x 3" and exits above the left side of the kitchen window. It takes up very little of the cabinet space.


We have two criteria


it must not go through the roof (which is very curved) and


it must fit in a depth of 8" from back to front of cabinet as otherwise it will obstruct the pull down bed.


Hymer UK at Preston have been very helpful. But I have been unable to obtain any dimensions to this 417403 unit. I am unwilling to order the light unit extractor concerned without knowing the depth.


Hoping for an owner to help



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