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All my quotes are from the film snatch Mels quite correct Jason statham plays Turkish named because conceived in turkey ...

He ask's the guy for a burger the guy is taking so long so he says you said 2 minutes ago Turkish .


Anyway have put the old one back now before anyone jumps to the wrong conclusion before its misenterpreted. :D

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It's interesting how people name their vehicles according the the registration plate. My car has the reg CKN at the end, so it's called Coconut. My Van, a V reg has EAU at the end, so taking the EAU, French for water, and the V we've called her Vichy. Makes sense to me. Hang on while I get my anorak.
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BGD - 2008-03-15 5:02 PM


"Humphrey" - 'Cos it's "Yes Prime Minister".


I like it Bruce!!!! I never watch the programme but Humphrey is a nice name so that's definitely a contender!!!



omidknight - 2008-03-15 5:14 PM


I had a van once G30BLA


Any suggestions boys ;-)


Plus A24VME ;-)


G30BLA - that was a turkey then!



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