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bessacarr 710

colin bairstow

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The simplest explanation, I guess, is that a fault has developed in your Bessacarr's electrical system.


The PSU2007 unit is manufactured by Sargent Electrical Services Ltd and their website is on




There's also a guide for the PSU2007 on




If you copy your inquiry to the Motorhome Matters forum (as has previously been advised) you may well get a specific answer (Clive Mott-Gotobed is very Sargent-literate). Otherwise, I suggest you contact Sargent themselves.

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colin bairstow - 2008-04-06 1:59 PM


h ello everyone,the charger psu2007 in the wardrobe tripped out i switched it back on the red light came on but no sound from the fan ,can anyone give me some advice,all the lights are dim,

,the red light on my charger comes on if the hook up ,is incorrectly wired (wrong poles) check your hook up cable is correctly wired first off.
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