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Safeway Dead Locks ?


Safeway Dead Locks ?  

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I think this may be the company that manufactures the locks to which you refer:




I don't know how their products are marketed, but if you contact them I'm sure they'll tell you.


You might also try Dave Newell (a regular forum contributor) via




as he has practical experience of fitting extra security locks to motorhomes and may well be able to advise on which are likely to be most suitable for your Adria.


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I bought the locks direct from Safeways and have been pleased with them.


They cannot be opened from inside which I consider to be a bonus as even if someone breaks a window and climbs inside they can't get the doors open (easily).


We sometimes leave the cab door ones locked when we are staying off site as once our van is in "living" mode access or exit via the cab seats would be difficult (!)


I have a feature on our website about installling them - which is more complicated than some of the other security locks



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Just had one hell of a problem with Safeways.


For 3 weeks they kept telling me my order had been dispatched when it hadn't. " It must have been lost in the post" they said.


WHAT ! on 3 ocassions ? They must have thought I had mug tattooed on my forhead !


They failed to reply to ansphone messages, failed to call back after promising to do so, said they only had 4 locks available, but claimed to have sent me 3 parcels each containg 2 locks [3 times 2 equalled 6 when I went to school !]


Finally after losing my rag completely I was told my order had been sent by recorded delivery 5 days previously. 2 locks arrived, not by recorded delivery but by normal post and bearing the previous days postmark !


They were not the model I had ordered but I realised they would suffice for the job. Upon checking I found parts were missing, notified Safeways [who blamed "the lad in the shop"] and was promised that the missing parts would be dispatched immediately. YET ANOTHER LIE from this company. They have not arrived as they promised !


This company is definitely not trustworthy !!!

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