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rosey lee

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We will be travelling from Hook of Holland to Nordfriesland (Schleswig - Holstein) in Germany, sometime in June. Can anyone recomend any sites or Stellplatz along that route. We intend to travel along the coast up to Hamburg then along the A23 to Heide then on to Husum
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Hi there and welcome.

This crops up on a fairly regular basis so you may find this link of interest.  If you have a satnav you may find it very interesting ;-)


You might also find this useful (click on the site to get more information) http://reisemobil.re.funpic.de/stellplaetze_D.html

This site will help with different areas (click on the regional camping guide on the right) http://www.germany-tourism.co.uk/EGB/practical_information/camping_8942.htm

. . . . and this one contains a lot of information complete with clickable maps and web sites http://www.top-platz.de/Anwendungen/index.php

I hope this helps and goes some way to fulfilling your request.


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Just returned from our Germany/ Netherlands trip, this is the route we took and the sites we stayed on.

1. Camping Amsterdam Bos www.campingamsterdam.com price14 euros per night, for 2 people plus electicity. Bus stop outside camp for Amsterdam. 2. www.camping-stadtwaldsee.de Bremen. Easy to find just off A1, price 27 euros per night inc, elec. 3. www.husum-camping.de, price 22 euros inc, elec. site behind a Dyke. 4. Stellaplatze, Loof Wohnmobilhafen 2581 Husum, pay at restaurant Fischhaus Loof 10 euros per night inc, elec. 5. www.waldcamping-hesedorf.de 7 min from A1 Price 20 euros per night inc, elec. 6. www.campingdepaardebloem.nl, 14 euros per night inc, elec. farm site near a lake. 7. www.jagveld.nl 10 min from the hook of holland ferry, 22 euros per night inc, elec. More info, on these sites if anyone requires it.



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