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Campsite Bus Stops - UK


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With the event of free national bus travel for some of us, I was trying to find campsites in UK which have a bus stop nearby and came up with these useful utilities.


While online find your campsite postcode using perhaps one or all of the following;-






I use Autoroute with pushpins downloaded from ;-



Once you have the postcode paste it into the web page ;-


after checking ALL the boxes and continuing with the ADVANCE button, your walk times, bus route names/numbers and map showing the Bus Stop position etc.. from the campsite will be listed and worked out for you, complete with other route info etc…


You can have a look at the campsite or CL using ;-


If you see an empty field at or near the postcode position for the campsite, look for vehicle tracks in the grass to pinpoint the actual camping field.


Regards Terry


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