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Solar panel fitting


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Hello all, please can I ask for some help. I hope to buy a 140w solar panel and fit to my roof. The panel will come from a world famous auction internet site, probably.

Please can anyone advise what else I might need to regulate, I assume I do, the power and then do I just connect to my leisure battery.

I am quite competent at diy and feel comfortable with the fitting, but am unsure of the mechanics.

Also my van is an RV a sunseeker which has a inbuilt generator. It produces 110v and when running provides power, plenty of it, to all things 110v, inc charging the battery, but it does not provide power to the 240v sockets, is there anything I can do to provide the power to the 240v sockets, from this source. .Phew.

I am sure some hints and tips will come my way and I thank you all in advance. :$

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