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most embarrassing/humorous


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What is your most recent embarrassing or humorous error concerning your motorhome or caravan (or tent).


This week I finally got round to purchasing the sticker for my door on the motorhome with it's name on 'B u d d y'. I couldn't wait to put it on.


Those of you who have sussed out my personality as a bit scatty and refusing to grow old gracefully will appreciate my horror when I didn't push down hard enough on the U and my name appeared on the door as .....


B i d d y ...... >:-(


Fortunately the shop did me another letter U, free of charge. My daughter said I should have had the word 'old' put in front. Joy

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15.16 no joy Mike . *-)

Funny thing is you know its not going to work because where you are asked to attach a file after posting (Usually turns into a hand ) it isnt anymore so you just know it wont work .


Afer that is usually says successful upload but not at the moment .

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Hi Michelle -


I think the problem with you trying to upload piccies may be not that the Server ain't working, but that the picture file sizes you are trying to get it to upload are just too massive.


Often, if someone tries to upload a picture file (or even worse, several picture files) that are huge file sizes, the Server will time-out before those files are fully uploaded....to allow it to deal with all the other customers rather than just being clogged up with that one task for several minutes.


A good general tip for everyone:

Have a look at the "properties" of any photos before you try to upload them, and if necessary reduce the file size/picture size a lot before attempting to send them up the pipe to this website..........you really don't need to send 3meg/5meg or even bigger files, all that happens is that the picture looks absolutely enormous if/when it does finally load onto the site.

1 meg or below is perfectly OK.








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