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Gas Level Indicators
userDave Gomersall
Posted: 11 September 2015 2:06 PM
Subject: Gas Level Indicators
Having a look around

Posts: 30

I nearly got caught out today by my gas running out, fortunately my second bottle was still full. This got me to looking on the internet for a Gas Level Indicator. At this point confusion set in. The price range was from £2 up to over £100. Some worked on temperature others on ultrasound still others on black magic!
Has anyone used an Indicator and if so which have they found to be the most accurate and best value for money? Hope that someone can help me.
Posted: 11 September 2015 2:48 PM
Subject: RE: Gas Level Indicators

Lord of the posts

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Hi Dave,

First off don't bother with a magnetic temperature indicator type (the ones shaped like a gas bottle) they're only any good to stick on the bottle to show which one you're using!

I have a Dometic Gas Level Checker Pen Link and find it really good. It takes a couple of minutes to get used to it but I reckon I can check the level to within a quarter of an inch or better. It doesn't work on refillables or near the weld of the cylinder but otherwise is very good IMO.

I paid £25 directly from Dometic at a show but see they are now around £30 to £35.

userDave Gomersall
Posted: 13 September 2015 11:21 AM
Subject: RE: Gas Level Indicators
Having a look around

Posts: 30

Hi Keith,
Thanks for this. I've since looked at a couple of reviews for this, which are mixed but if you can get it to work (e.g. read the instructions) it looks good.
I'll go ahead a buy one.
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