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Pollen Filter
Posted: 4 July 2019 12:31 PM
Subject: Pollen Filter
Liking what I've found

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Where do i find this on a 2015 Fiat Ducatto please tried the glove compartment but nothing there?
Posted: 4 July 2019 1:19 PM
Subject: RE: Pollen Filter

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If you put "pollen filter" into the " search our forums" link on the top bar, you'll see a link to replies.
userDerek Uzzell
Posted: 4 July 2019 2:01 PM
Subject: RE: Pollen Filter

Photos here

and forum comments here

Posted: 4 July 2019 7:53 PM
Subject: RE: Pollen Filter

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It's ridiculously fiddly and prone to breaking plastic tabs, at least the first time you do it, almost as if wasn't designed to be replaced within the lifetime.
Posted: 4 July 2019 9:34 PM
Subject: RE: Pollen Filter
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I did it on my 2015 Boxer, it is fiddly - a little tip:
Once you think you have removed the last screw take another look around as there are some that seem to be hidden
Posted: 10 July 2019 5:52 PM
Subject: RE: Pollen Filter
Liking what I've found

Posts: 54

I have tried to get the glove compartment out but it it is not like the photos shown?
Cheers John
userDerek Uzzell
Posted: 11 July 2019 7:45 AM
Subject: RE: Pollen Filter

I suspect that your problem may be because of the term “glove compartment”.

A 2015 Fiat Ducato’s pollen-filter is buried behind the central black-plastic storage-unit that is below the set of dashboard switches that includes the red ‘emergency flashers’ switch.

There are two possible types of storage-unit

1: A deep storage compartment with a lid that hinges down (1st photo attached below).


2: A 'cup-holder' (2nd attached photo below).

To reach the pollen filter requires removal of the central storage compartment, or removal of the cup-holder, depending on which type of unit the vehicle has.

If your motorhome has the cup-holder, you might find this forum thread helpful.

There are (at least) two YouTube videos showing how to replace the pollen-filter when the Ducato has the cup-holder unit.

As spirou and Dizzied say above, the procedure for Ducatos like yours is fiddly, even if one has carried out the task before.

It’s likely that your Ducato’s pollen-filter was changed in 2017 when the vehicle should have had its initial service and - unless you’ve done a lot of mileage since then or driven in very dusty conditions - it’s probably not essential that it be changed now.

As you are having so much difficulty with what (I hesitate to say) is a relatively straightforward task just involving undoing a lot of screws and taking a degree of care, you might want to consider not DIYing the filter change.

(storage compartment.jpg)

(cup holder.jpg)

Attachments storage compartment.jpg (43KB - 491 downloads)
Attachments cup holder.jpg (50KB - 758 downloads)
Posted: 11 July 2019 12:19 PM
Subject: RE: Pollen Filter
Liking what I've found

Posts: 54

Many thanks for that I will have a look now I know where I am going!
Thanks once again John
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