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  1. Thanks. It does not seem worth retuning to Astra1 as I can get most programmes online. Dick
  2. We are heading to Portugal soon and from previous experience Astra 2 doesn't cover the area so far south. Has anyone used Astra1 to get UK programmes, and was it worthwhile!? Dick
  3. Now had the detailed invoice for the repair to my Snipe 4 PI box. The "mainboard" was replaced in the original "lost" box. The total cost including my postage to Germany, £17, was £137. The only assistance offered by the original supplier was another visit to their facility with a second £180 minimum charge to examine the system, so a good outcome overall. Dick
  4. It isn't easy to get a response; none to my last email querying why they said my box was lost and then returning it to me. I suspect that they will have replaced a (the) circuit board. The original sealed screw had been removed and replaced. Dick
  5. An update on the Snipe 4 Quicksat problem I reported earlier. Having had no help from the supplier other than to suggest another service visit at £180, and 400 miles worth of diesel, I contacted satco Europe in Germany who asked me to do a few checks and then agreed there was a problem with the PI box. To recap, when the power was turned on it went off again within a few seconds so no commands to raise the antenna were possible. I sent the box to Germany where, after a couple of weeks hearing nothing, they said they had lost it and would send a new one! I received an invoice for €133 and today received the original box which had clearly been opened. Fitted the box and at last the antenna does all it should. Not really sure what the lesson learned is, but I guess it would pay to purchase from someone close who provides a decent afterservice. Dick
  6. Beware about changing insurance companies as you get older. Most companies will either increase premiums and also refuse to take you on at all. I am over 80 and no company will take me on, so I stick with the CAMC. All premiums have rocketed this year as I discovered with my car insurance recently, and even the best offer from numerous comparison sites was double last year's premium. Dick
  7. Anywhere off shore it is pretty obvious that you will be connecting to the Internet via satellite, so it will be expensive. Brittany Ferries makes it clear that high charges will result from not using their WiFi. Dick
  8. I suggest you make your own winter blanks. I made mine from an acrylic sheet from a shower back. A simple sheet of aluminium or even hardboard would do. Easy to cut out the necessary openings from the photos shown online in the adverts for these blanks being sold at ridiculous prices. Dick
  9. Maybe a bit late, but I use my mobile as a hot spot everywhere, UK and abroad. I have iD Mobile as the provider, which uses 3 network. £10/Month for 80gB and I never get near that even when watching TV at length. Any unused at the end of the month is rolled over. Roaming in the EU up to 30gB is included. Dick
  10. Some progress thanks. Email responses from both the supplier and the German importer. I will respond to them to answer their requests. Just be clear, there is no problem with the antenna mechanics. When the power stays on long enough for either the controller or app to connect, it all works perfectly and with a very quick lock. There are no untoward noises. I believe there is a faulty component in the PI box as today the power stayed on, the antenna raised and locked on twice. Yesterday 3 attempts to switch on, and each time the power just turned off before it was possible to connect. It is totally random and it could hardly have been wetter than today! Dick
  11. All the connections were checked by the supplier earlier this year and appeared OK. When the fault appeared nothing had been changed since the system was installed. I even changed the TV without any improvement. As the problem has been ongoing for nearly a year it definitely isn't damp as the van has been has been used during the heatwave both here and in Europe. I have asked my supplier to provide a new PI box as I feel the intermittent fault really can only be checked by substitution. So far no response. I have tried to find any UK supplier of spares for the Snipe without success.I was even told that spares are not avaiable. None of the people selling this antenna will undertake repairs on items they haven't supplied. So far no response from the German importer for Europe which advertises a repair service. I am stuck at the moment until somebody replies to my requests, but I live in hope, or essentially the system will have to be scrapped. Dick
  12. I use the TV directly from the antenna on Astra2 so no box. As the power LED illuminates for only 7-10 seconds before any commands are made I don't see how there is any mechanical involvement. When the antenna does operate it works perfectly with no unusual noises. The last time I took the van to the supplier the connections were all checked but there was no independent power supply used. I might try that. I have emailed the German importer but not had a response yet. When/if the problem is resolved I will post the info. Dick
  13. I checked the power to the PI box and 12v, though obviously when disconnected, so not under load. Nothing has been changed on the power side which is the same as it was with the previous antenna; an earlier Snipe. The maximum power draw is 30W during antenna movement, and zero when locked on so I don't think power supply is the cause. The problem experienced doesn't have a fault code and usually the time the power is on is not sufficient for the controller to link with the unit. When the antenna does come up it locks on immediately to Astra2, so no obvious antenna problem. The unit has had software updated, but mainly relates to channel mapping and the search function. I guess I will need to try Germany as nobody (except the supplier) is interested in looking at the problem. Dick
  14. Alas there is no display to show fault codes. It is just that the power keeps switching off so almost impossible to get the antenna to do anything remotely. Fortunately the power stays on long enough most times for long enough for Home button to be pressed and then it lowers. When I took it back in June all the connections were checked. Typical sod's law it worked OK at the time, but within hours back at the site it started playing up. I will get in contact and see how they respond. Dick
  15. Thanks for the info. I wonder if anyone has actually used them? Dick
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