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  1. Hi Again I think if SallyP replies and it is in fact like the one that's required both externally and internally as in my photos ,it will actually fit as a repair We await SallyP reply Regards
  2. That's great news Happy motorhoming
  3. Hi Hopefully it's still working ok for you Regards
  4. Hi I think Kenmore Caravans may be able to help (Kenmorecaravans.co.uk) they are based in Mirfield, West Yorkshire. Is this your lock.Please find attachments below Regards
  5. Hi We have found if the body of the valve can be accessed easily , pouring some boiling water over the body of the valve (or gentle heat with a hot air gun on the body of the V/V ) This helps sometimes to allow it to be opened without too much torque. Giving it regular use afterwards usally helps to prevent further locking Regards
  6. Hi Yes it did work for many , providing the structure inside was not damaged from water ingress. Great to hear it worked for you Regards
  7. Hi Replacement gearbox are available , please find attached part number Regards
  8. Hi Yes the ambient air temp sensor if damaged quite often causes a lot of problems as mentioned. The sensor is usally fitted in the mirror on base models , on yours, you will have to check , may be on the inside of the front grill or just in the scuttle under the wipers A good diagnostic tool will show the fault with the sensor and any other faults that may be causing you issues , of course with a good technician operating same. Regards
  9. Hi Rob This can happen , try first of all winding it out fully and then winding it in, making sure it winds in even Regards
  10. Hi Next move would be to check as Alan has pointed out is the backup battery as marked in the photo if you are competent and wish to try it . It has been the cause of many a blank screen on many an occasions when disconnected from it's power source for a period of time, but alas not always the remedy , but surely worth a try first Regards
  11. Hi Simple things first, Re trace your steps , ensure you have also not disconnected anything and all connections are good and correct . You asked which connection is for the control panel, please find attached
  12. Hi Maybe try a reset a few times, ( Hold the power on and Prog button together, for 10 secs, release, repeat and after 10 secs press twilight button as well) . Have you heard a very faint buzz from the panel on trying same ? Did you do the repair to the solar panels yourself? Regards
  13. Hi Has your habitation battery/ batteries been allowed to discharge fully over a period of time? Regards
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