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Miles per gallon etc


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Mel B - 2009-11-25 6:00 PM


Oh dear .... did you really have to upset Colin by telling him the value of the Tiger ... poor man must be sobbing his heart out by now! :$


I always regret not buying a Peel Trident for £4000 - despite the fact it was 20 years ago now, the return now would have been good!


Mind you, my Kr200 was £200 when I bought it - ah, those were the days ...

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messerschmitt owner - 2009-11-25 5:37 PM


Colin, what was the reg of the Tiger - there were only ever 18 imported into Britain when new! One was scrapped and one has disappeared! The other 16 still survive.


A Tiger (Tg500) is somewhere in the region of £50,000 now.



I have no idea what the reg was (it was more than 40 years ago). The condition was rough when we bought it and the original engine/transmission was nackered. It eventually got a little! bent and was either scrapped or one of the other lads had it I can't remember which.


For the record I also rode a very rough Vincent Black Shaddow as my regular transport. That was definatly scrapped.


My dad was even worse. He had a taxi buisness on the east coast of Norfolk during the war and was thus only one of a handfull of people allowed to keep servicable cars. He ran an number of classy cars as a favour to people to keep them in good order. One of them was a Minerva (I think thats how you spell it) at the end of the war the owner did not return and dad got to keep the car. He decided it was no use as a taxi when he had to startpaying for the fuel. No one wanted to buy the car bearing in mind the cost of running it and the problem of obtaining parts so he scrapped the car but kept the jaeger clock which he had mounted in wood. I still have it and it still keeps perfect time.


If only we were born with hindsight!

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I have a Bessacarr 760 2.8jtd on 3.85t chassis, on touring solo I can easily achieve 27mpg and towing a car have achieved 23mpg.

Once again this is subjective; type of road, heavy traffic, weight when travelling and how heavy footed you are, as I am sure that driven without a care the mpg will substantially drop.

My vehicle has been chipped and I supposed this has a bearing too,



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There are 2 points I would like to raise on this thread:


Years ago, I fitted a Cortina GT dash top on to my Mk 2 Cortina 1600. I wanted the 4 gauges built into the GT one. One of them did not apply so I fitted a vacuum gauge which had a small bore plastic tube that went to the inlet manifold. There was a green zone on the gauge, which showed fuel economy and a red zone for wastefulness.


By driving to suit this gauge I got into a driving habit which I have to this day and it must have saved me hundreds of pounds (if not thousands) over 40 years. This did not mean creeping along at 30 mph either but rather the optimum times to accelerate and how hard to do so.


My second point is connected to the pension issue. As I worked on contract for most of my working life, I looked after my money myself. All I will say is that I have retired early and if I was offered a job in the city, there is more chance of me getting a big fat bonus than the ones currently employed there. I still have my money and do not need a bail out.


Credit crunch, what credit crunch. :D

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