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Climate change


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Here is yet another reason for you not to worry about global anything :D


Supernova Star Blast 'Could Wipe Out Earth'

6:20pm UK, Wednesday January 06, 2010


Mark Langford, Sky News Online


A star is primed to explode in a blast that could wipe out the Earth, according to American astronomers.


The next blast from the T Pyxidis star is said to be overdue. Source: HubbleSite.org




A new study shows the star, called T Pyxidis, is much closer than previously thought at 3,260 light-years away - a short hop in galactic terms.


It is set to self-destruct in an explosion called a supernova with the force of 20 billion billion billion megatons of TNT.


The blast from the thermonuclear explosion could strip away the Earth's ozone layer that keeps out deadly space radiation, scientists said.


The doomsday scenario was described by astronomers from Villanova University in Philadelphia.


They said the International Ultraviolet Explorer satellite has shown them that T Pyxidis is really two stars, one called a white dwarf that is sucking in gas and steadily growing.


When it reaches a critical mass it will blow itself to pieces.


It will become as bright as all the other stars in the galaxy put together and shine like a beacon halfway across the universe.


The experts said the Hubble space telescope photographed the star gearing up for its big bang with a series of smaller blasts or "burps", called novas.


These explosions came regularly about every 20 years from 1890, but stopped after 1967.


So the next blast is very overdue, said scientists Edward M Sion, Patrick Godon and Timothy McClain at the American Astronomical Society in Washington.


Robin Scagell, vice-president of the UK's Society for Popular Astronomy, said: "The star may certainly become a supernova soon - but soon could still be a long way off, so don't have nightmares."



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Scientists are a load of piffle all they can do is predict doom and gloom they remind me of that Scots charactor 'Frazer' in the TV programme Dads Army where he is forever saying 'we are doomed'

Scientists ought to keep their gobs shut or prattle amongst themselves and let the practical man get on with the job of inventing things for the benefit of mankind.

In a simplistic way of thinking it was not the scientist that came up with the idea that if you rubbed two sticks together you could create a controllable fire and it was not the scientist who invented the wheel was it?

And who was it that invented the method of man destroying mankind... none other than your scientist who invented the atomic bomb, when they come up with the solution as to what to do with nuclear waste then I will applaud them.

Everything that has benefited mankind has come from the fertile mind of the practical man.

No doubt you have all heard of Fred Dibnah a man that I knew for over 40 years, a man with a fertile practical mind, if you would have asked him about climate change he would have said one word B******s

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In all honesty, I do not believe anybody on here has the right to preach about man made effects of climate change due to the burning of fossil fuels, given that you (we) all burn shed loads of the stuff merely for recreational purposes.


I am not interested in the argument that " my contribution is tiny and hardly significant" because thousands of 'tiny contributions' make one hell of a large contribution.


You all have differing opinions, and that is all they are, opinions, I seriously doubt that there are qualified scientists posting on here, and if there are, then you should be at work doing something more positive about things.

All this cutting and pasting of long tedious extracts from internet reports is not going to sway someone elses beliefs, it doesn't prove anyone right or wrong, it merely proves that you are less tolerant of other peoples opinions than you would like everyone to believe.


If you are so convinced by the propaganda by the green lobby that man is the cause of all evil, sell your motorhomes and donate the £20-30k to their research fund. If not, fill up your tank and belch your poisonous diesel fumes all the way to your next campsite and stop being so bloody hypocritical.


I fall into the camp that disbelieves all the doom and gloom merchants.

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My replies to this thread which was started by me are short and sweet and written in laymans language, I haven't gone down the road in sending overlong convoluting posts that have been copied and pasted from elsewhere.

In this present cold snap the climate change wallahs are decidedly quiet, so here is a simple question, what do you prefer, warmer weather or weather like we have got now? this weather has shut down most of the country, 6 months of this weather and this country would be well and truly goosed.

All those members of this group who are in favour of doing something about global warming failed to answer a simple question I asked a few posts ago and that question was... what do you do when sat in your living room on a really cold evening, do you bear the brunt of a cold night or do you turn up your central heating, turn up your gas fire or what? and when you are planning this years trips away in your M/H caravan etc do you not say to yourself 'hopefully the weather is good' on the week/fortnight that we are away, global warming scaremongers are in my opinion cranks.

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HI all. I see K.O.T.R. has mentioned nuclear waste and A bombs. Well how's this for a far fetched idear. We do run shuttles up to space stations don't we, well why not transfer all nuclear waste by shuttle to large space stations,then load it in rockets and launch them into the sun, let the sun burn it up, it may last longer. A bombs are tested deep under ground to avoid pollution, so why not build nuclear power stations with their reactors deep under ground, if anything goes wrong with one shut it down and bury it. Right now back to climate change, we have rising sea levels, and drying out land, and also now possibly safe nuclear power. So now we build lots of desalination/pumping stitions where needed,make the deserts bloom again, lots of work and food for everyone. Sounds simple enough don,t it !!


Cheers Brian.

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Hi Brian


Again I agree with almost all of what you say - but then you go and do what the Global Warming Alarmists do and exaggerate so that your very good points become piffle wrapped up in the hype.


I have never erected visions of financial Armageddon!


To quote you:-


"Part of my response to Clive is that it is no more helpful for him to erect visions of a financial Armageddon.


What I have consistently said is that the reality of Opportunity Cost applies!


We can either spend huge amounts on reducing CO2 from 14% of 0.0385% of our atmosphere to 12% of that 0.0385% or we can save peoples lives and improving the lot of our fellow man (and increasing markets for our own goods and services at the same time - here the economist in me comes in :-D )


As for you indicating that we are in a Financial Armageddon now - well take it from me we are not. It was hyped up to be and it is very bad indeed - but Armageddon???? - I think not.


Just a greedy wunch of bankers caused the problem and a weak government bailing them out rather than letting one of them go to the wall.


All products have Life Cycles - banking as we know it is in decline. Watch out for the likes of Tesco wiping the floor of them in this decade.


What is not in decline is the average company in the UK despite the woeful mismanagement of Blair Brown. And I doubt it will be any better under Cameron.


I believe we have a simple choice. Waste huge sums on CO2 mitigation or accept that Climate Change is natural and also part man made and take sensible steps to mitigate and adapt.


I find it amazing that people moan like hell about the relatively small amount spent on propping up the banks and then seemingly bending over, and putting their heads in the sand and agreeing to spend about 10 time more than that spent on the banks, every year to reduce a trace gas from 14% of Diddlysquat to 12% of Diddlysquat!!


Just does not make any sense to me whatsoever. And sadly the Alarmists argument ONLY makes sense if they exaggerate the consequences – and sadly Brian – I feel you have fallen into the same trap.


No disrespect intended.


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ROON - 2010-01-07 4:14 PM


Flippin' 'eck Syd. I'm glad I only logged on today. 8-) 8-)




Great to see you back again, hope things are getting better for you.


I thought I would put that post on here especially to entice you out of the background.


Very Best Wishes to you :-D :-D

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CliveH - 2010-01-07 5:03 PM .......... but Armageddon???? - I think not. ......... And sadly the Alarmists argument ONLY makes sense if they exaggerate the consequences – and sadly Brian – I feel you have fallen into the same trap. No disrespect intended.

I guess that depends on your interpretation of Armageddon.  I believe it is the name for the final battle between good and evil before Judgement Day?  That, with my apologies to all who may be offended by the quip, it seemed to me, placed firmly into the realms of belief.  Either one believes it will happen, or one does not?  That was a large part of my argument - that in the absence of fact, all we are left with is belief.  In that context, Armageddon is surely as good a term as any other, is it not?  Forecasts, after all, are not facts. :-)

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Sorry Brian - have to have a chuckle at this one! (lol)




"According to traditional Christian interpretations, the Messiah, the "Lamb", will return to earth and defeat the Antichrist, the "Beast", in the battle of Armageddon. Then Satan will be put into the bottomless pit or abyss for 1,000 years, known as the Millennial age. After being released from the abyss, Satan will gather Gog and Magog from the four corners of the earth. They will encamp surrounding the holy ones and the "beloved city". Fire will come down from God, out of heaven and devour Gog and Magog after the Millennium, and the Devil who deceived them is thrown into Gehenna (the lake of fire and brimstone) where the Beast and the False Prophet have been since just before the 1,000 years."


Seems a bit far fetched to label a wunch of bankers the equivalent of Gog and Magog.


But I could go with Gordon Brown in the starring role of "The Beast" and his predecessor Tony Blair in the supporting role as the "False Prophet".


And the likes of George (Moonbat) Monbiot and other Alarmists certainly deserves their place in Gehenna.


(lol) (lol) (lol)


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I have shortened this article to try and avoid being too boreing



Methane ices pose climate puzzle

By Jonathan Amos

Science reporter, BBC News, San Francisco




Hydrate nodules brought to the surface fizz as the methane escapes

Scientists drilling ocean sediments off Canada have discovered methane ices at much shallower depths than expected.


The finding has important implications for climate studies, they believe.


The melting of hydrates, as they are known, is a suspected contributor to past and present increases in atmospheric methane, a greenhouse gas.


If shallow ices are destabilised in a warming world, it could have a positive feedback effect and drive temperatures even higher, the researchers warned.


"The rate of increase in the Earth's atmosphere for methane is much faster than that for carbon dioxide," said Timothy Collett, the co-chief scientist of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP).


"Methane is 20 times more effective as a greenhouse gas than CO2. The source of this methane is uncertain, but there are a number of scientists who have looked at gas hydrates as contributing to this recent change."


Higher in the zone


Hydrates are a frozen mixture of water and gas, primarily methane.


They form under the frigid temperatures and high pressures found in ocean sediments and under the permafrost on land.


In the ocean, hydrates exist in a "zone of stability" under the seafloor in locations where water depths exceed 500m.



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Re Methane Hydrate - the Chinese sit on huge amounts and are far more advanced in extraction techniques than we are.


There is more energy locked away in this stuff (and it burns cleanly too!) than all the oil so far used AND the oil we have yet to use.


However - if we get it wrong it could make worrying about the effects of CO2 trivial in the extreme.


Nice picture of "Ice that burns" in this article:-





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Hi Clive


I think I have about three years of Popular Mechanics up in the loft dated around 1935/37 ish. I will have a look and see just what they are.

They were a weekly magazine costing 3d so were quiet expensive in those days

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donna miller - 2010-01-08 3:34 PM


gadjo - 2010-01-08 3:16 PM


climate change my a**e it's snowing again!!!!


Ah, but yesterday it wasn't, so hence "change" :D :D


Nice one, Donna.


Interesting profile picture - technically wrong though. I was taught that the once instance where you wouldn't do CPR is if you can see daylight between the head and the body :D :D

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nowtelse2do - 2010-01-09 4:21 PM


      It's starting to snow again up here, and it looks like it's heading your way,

Get the shovel ready.


I had a walk down to the bank and then called in at Radcliffe market, it took ages and my poor owd legs were aching, it has been spitting with snow so I reckon we are going to get another covering, getting fed up of it now.
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