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Gas Regulator Recommendations


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Dave225 - 2011-07-29 8:29 PM




I agree with your comments. It is highly likely Camping Gaz and Calor have some form of unified supply in the UK, as do most fuel Companies for example. However, I often exchange the cylinder in Europe so there has to be a difference there. I switch off the cylinder when not in use as I am cautious, and of course when on the move, that is standard practice. I did check the HP hose as you suggested but found that there is what appears to be a ball valve at the cy;inder end which prevents you 'blowing it through'. Certainly my puff was insufficient even when I went blue in the face, but when connected to the cylinder, gas flowed freely. That raises the question as to why the tap blocked, and I have no answer.


I have been watching our Continental cousins and most of them carry only 1 907 cylinder, so I figured out, why not me. I cook mostly with an electric BBQ (low wattage) and electric kettle (low wattage) so thereis little to actually use gas for, and any hob work is done with an external Camping Gaz hob. Ergo, I suspect I am over killing my requirements, and the extra weight saved is a bonus.


High-pressure gas hoses can be obtained with, or without, a non-return/excess-flow valve and your hose plainly has one. I don't know how common hoses with integrated valves are in motorhomes (I'd guess pretty common), but a hose of that type is going to conflict with the 'any liquid/muck that gets into (or forms in) the hose can escape back into the bottle via gravity' idea.


I'd get through a Campingaz 907 bottle in about 4 days. That's in theory, as I strongly suspect that the gas demand of my motorhome's heater would be too high for a small capacity butane cylinder.


I did once meet (years ago) a heavily-tanned British motorcaravanning couple on their leisurely way back home to the UK after over-wintering in Spain. I was told that Campingaz was (then) very cheap in Spain and that they were carrying four 907 bottles. I inquired how they had the four bottles installed safely in their (large) motorhome's gas-locker and was told by the man that only one 907 bottle was in the locker and the rest were being stored temporarily in the shower. The reason for this unusual arrangement was that (then) diesel was also cheap in Spain and the gas-locker was stuffed with plastic containers full of it. "You can't overlook a bargain," he said happily. Hmmm...

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A lot of course depends on your style of camping, and we all have diferent objectives. As I live north of the 'wall' we see hot weather so rarely that it draws me like a magnet and so i spend as much time in the sun in the Med, as money will allow. Over the years we have realised that we use very little gas, and of course heating is not a requirement, air conditioning possibly. We also do most cooking outside using the 907 cylinder and again the van one was never touched except on travelling up and down. I have just checked the Calor 7 kg cylinder and it is about 90% full after 3 months away, so feel it is not really necessary. I agree that Camping Gaz used to be cheap abroad, but no more. It averages anything from €22 to €25 for a refill compared with £18.97 in Go Outdoors yesterday. I accept it is more expensive per kg than Calor but there are advantages I feel which justify the cost. If I only use 1 cylinder in 3 months then costs are not really relevant. looking in may EU front lockers there is often only a single 907 lurking there, and the resdt of the space is crammed with anything you can think off.


As for the hose, I never checked when I bought it from the caravan accesory shop, just fitted it and went away happy. I would also point out I was blowing from the cylinder end so technically I should have managed a passage, maybe old age is creeping up faster than I thought.

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Dave225 - 2011-07-30 6:36 PM


...I would also point out I was blowing from the cylinder end so technically I should have managed a passage, maybe old age is creeping up faster than I thought.


I haven't got a gas hose with a non-return/excess-flow valve, so I can't check how they function. However, in order to open the valve from the gas-cylinder end, I THINK they need a lot more 'puff' than a human can achieve.

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