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What Motorbike for my MH


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This topic has been done many times before and as I have stated in the past if you just want to nip to the shops or ride about for a bit of fun sightseeing down quiet country lanes then a 50cc scooter is adequate even 2 up, you just have to accept that your not going to get anywere fast but lets face it your on your jollies so why would you want to do 50mph 2 up on a dual carriageway when you can potter about at 30mph on a lovely country lane.

And keep in mind that a 50cc is cheaper to buy cheaper to insure cheaper to tax and is going to be lighter and you can ride on car licence with no training and carry a pillion without L plates. So I dont think that people should overlook the benefits of a 50cc scooter, it works for us.

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Hi Postnote,


I noted your comments regarding looking for a MC that looks more traditional. We have a Yamaha YBR125, goes on the a rack on the MH. It's spot on for the two of us and looks good too if you like that sort of thing.


The weight should be within your limits.


Recommend it's worth a look.



John & Anne

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Another vote for the Honda Innova 125i from us two.


Just got back from another 2 weeks Motorhome chugging around North Spain/France, and did maybe 800kms of scooting around in total on the Innova.

Two-up (22 stone-plus in total), cruises at 85/90kmph, utterly bullet-proof, carries a 55 litre monster top-box into which all our kit and two helmets fit.

Park anywhere, go on motorways and dual carriageways, as well as tiny country lanes.

Only about £2k new...amd a lot less for a newish second hand one via ebay/bike shop etc.

Spares cost nothing. It'll do about 5 million miles on a gallon of 95 octane petrol. Anyone---really, anyone, can home-service it, it is so simple.

Only about 107kgs in total weight.


We've had ours for a little over a year now I think, and it's done getting on for 5,000kms now.......it's brilliant at what it does, and I love it!


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We started with a Yamaha QT50 each, then things grew! Had an Autotrial Scout with a rack for two little bikes for many years without problems until I was perwuaded to "just to check it" on a weighbridge. By this time the bikes had grown a bit, had gears, would climb mountains etc. Ouch, rack off and build a trailer. Next van will have a good garage I decreed. Well it has and started with nearly a tone and a half of payload, but we still had it upgraded to give us a bit of margin. Mrs has a 110 cc overgrown Monkay bike that she loves and I now have a 400cc CCM FT35s which is ffffun!




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