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which motorhome


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Hello everyone,

I am looking and researching which make i should buy, i think its swift bessacar or autocruise , propbably low profile short wheelbase, max £25000, are these manufacturers desireable for used vehicles,look forward to your replies.

regards Rawhide

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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums.


Autocruise became part of the Swift Group in 2007. If your £25,000 maximum budget is a firm figure, you would probably be looking at a pre-Swift-takeover Autocruise model and there have been reports of difficulties in obtaining spare parts for such vehicles.


It’s difficult to advise on how “desirable” Swift, Bessacarr or Autocruise are as far as buying secondhand is concerned, or whether they are more or less desirable than other UK manufacturers of coachbuilt motorhomes like Auto-Sleepers, Auto-Trail or Elddis. And, of course, there are many non-UK-manufactured motorhomes that would meet your specification and that have a good reputation.


I note your preference for a short-wheelbase model, but this won’t necessarily translate to a vehicle with a short overall length and it will definitely limit your options. If your motorhome must be no longer than, say, 5.50 metres, then I suggest you concentrate on that figure and ignore the wheelbase factor.


A listing of motorhomes in the £20k-£25k price range is here




and it will be seen that the age of the low-profile models being advertised varies significantly. There is a 2001 Rapido 709F (page 1) and a 2008 Elddis Autoquest 120 (page 2), both with a £24995 asking-price. Either might meet your requirements, but the Elddis (with 7 years less exposure to weather effects) should be the better bet.


While it might be argued that some makes of motorcaravan are better secondhand buys than others (and certain forum members might warn you not to touch any UK-made motorhome with a bargepole), the important when buying a secondhand motorhome will be that individual vehicle’s condition not who made it.


These guides may be helpful





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Hi Rawhide & welcome.


I am assuming this is your first venture into the Motorhome market, if not some of the following may not be applicable.


IMO you first need to determine what layout & how many berths/travel seats will suit your needs.

Then determine any lenght restrictions that apply (parking at home, etc..)


Once these basic requirements are identified you can then search magazines, websites, etc.. to see what is on the market. Visit dealers & shows to get a feel for what is available, but view based on layout as opposed to budget.

Then produce a check-list - (Must have, would like, don't want ).


You may find your requirements changing as you explore the market, particularly regarding layout. i.e. Inward facing front lounge, inward facing rear lounge, half dinette, full dinette, rear traverse bed (possibly over garage) rear French bed, etc., etc..

You should then come up with a short list of possibilities.


When you have identfied your shortlist, try to hire a Motorhome that is your chosen layout. Even a few days away will answer many questions as to it's suitability.


Additional to Derek's links, there is also the "Motorhomes for sale" on this site (hover over "motorhomes" above left & a link becomes available.


Happy hunting & good luck.

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