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dogs muzzled on Brittany Ferries


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Has anyone travelled recently on Brittany Ferries. Their rules state that muzzles must be worn on all routes. This I hope means when using there on board kennels, rather than my dogs sat in my motorhome during the crossing. Do muzzles need to be worn while checking in before the journey home? Anyone recent travellers with words of wisdom please.
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The answer is on their website:






Please note that dogs are now required to wear muzzles (all routes) at all times they are outside the owner's vehicle, either during the check-in process or during transfer on board if occupying a kennel. Owners must provide the muzzles and remain responsible for their pet's behaviour at all times.
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we have taken our dog to Spain on the ferry a couple of times. The rule about muzzles was in force but not enforced. I had a simple fabric one that i kept in my pocket in case i was asked to use it - but i never was - even when i had to have a crew member guide us through the ship when they parked us in the wrong deck area with no direct access to the kennels.


I guess it depends on your dog. Better to be safe than sorry.


The simple material muzzles are only a couple of quid. are soft, and when we tried it on for size she wasn't worried. (i know some people who put simple muzzles on labradors just to stop them picking up any anything they can eat and upsetting there stomachs)


Also useful as they are required in some countries eg Italy. You can get away with out using them but i have also seen someone threatening to call the police because a dog (not mine) was off the lead and didn't have a muzzle. We keep ours in the M/H cos we never know where we might end up.


Have a good trip





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