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Sog Vs Chemical Blue

Corky 8

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Derek Uzzell - 2014-03-06 9:19 AM
RogerC - 2014-03-05 11:32 PMJust reading on this web page about SOG and chemicals.......http://www.sognz.co.nz/thetford-c2-c3-c4-installation-instructions/It states "To promote decomposition and avoid smells do not use chemicals or additives" so those 'whiffy' ones might have caused filter damage by using chemical additives.
There are various reasons why the external 'exhaust' from a SOG-fitted toilet can smell unpleasantly. These include the external carbon filter not being replaced sufficiently regularly or the filter becoming contaminated due to a poor installation. There's also the simple fact that some people's noses are more sensitive than others, and I can smell odours from my motorhome's SOG toilet's exhaust easily enough even when the filter is brand-new.The primary plus-point of a SOG system is as JudgeMental mentions in his 2 March 2014 3:02 PM posting - it extracts 'bummy' smells from the toilet compartment.

Thanks Derek I had to laugh about the "sensitive noses" bit, Mine has been broken and is Partially blocked, so is not that sensitive, I think I was closer than anyone would normally be due to the limited space on that Particular Aire,  we never have any aromas when using our toilet, Perhaps its down to either the amount of chemical used or the brand of Chemical used. I don't know if things have change but when we bought our first Caravan some 45 year ago the instructions we were given when using the toilet for a No2 was to have the slider open ,there should be no smells if you have the correct amount of Chemical/water in the Cassette.

Colin I didn't buy the Green chemical I showed I found some Made in Scotland and bought that ,and it is concentrated and not watered down ,if it was any thicker it wouldn't come out the container smells Nice too + its not formaldehyde, and 20 litres I shouldn't have to buy anymore again.


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