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Checking Tyre Pressure before Trip

Mad Cow

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Angela it depends on the pressure you need in your tyres.

If its above 55psi you probably do need something heavier duty. It might be worth checking with a commercial vehicles parts company for that typ of compressor.

Alternatively a tyre outlet like Kwik Fit/ National others do exist who normally offer a free pressure check.



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Check if there are any instruction on forecourt presure gauges about the max presure the kit can cope with. Gauges tend to loose accuracy near either end of their range.


At your weight tyre pressures will be 80 psi + and cheap compressors may not cope.


I carry a cheap guage and check once a week or so when away.


The old truckies check of feeling tyre temperatures with the hand as soon as stopping after a long fast run will give an indication if one tyre is runing soft causing excessive heat. Do not be too fussy until you have done it a few times and become used to any normal small variation. Things like stong sunlight on one side or uneven loading side to side can effect tyre loading and therefore running temperature.

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