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Pilote Galaxy MX88 tips please


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Some daft questions - sorry

Why does it have an internal mesh fly screen ? IS this because the door comes off somehow?

How do you disconnect the indicator buzzer?

Is it alarmed/immobilsed?

Best way to stop cupboard rattles!

How do you stabilise when in it - very rocky feels like on a boat at times when parked





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Q: Why does it have an internal mesh fly screen?

A: Simply because this was part of a Pilote Galaxy’s standard specification in 1996. The outer entrance-door can be fully opened and the (hinged) inner fly-screen door remain closed to allow plenty of ventilation but stop flying insects entering.


Q: How do you disconnect the indicator buzzer?

A: Are you talking about a turn-indicator buzzer? If so, why would you want to disconnect it?


Q: Is it alarmed/immobilsed?

A: Impossible to answer with certainty. It’s improbable that a 1996 Galaxy would have been built with an alarm as part of its standard specification, though I’d expect it to have been fitted with an engine immobilser.


Q: Best way to stop cupboard rattles?

A: it depends on what’s causing the rattles. Try a GOOGLE-search on “caravan cupboard rattles” (omitting the quotes) for ideas. For example




Q: How do you stabilise when in it - very rocky feels like on a boat at times when parked?

A: Has your Galaxy got rear corner-steadies that can be wound down to stabilise the motorhome when it is parked? (A Pilote Galaxy 27 reviewed by Which Motorcaravan magazine in 1996 had rear corner-steadies as part of the specification.)


Motorcaravanners are inveterate fiddlers and you should anticipate that ‘improvements’ will have been made to your Pilote by previous owners. So its standard turn-indicator ‘clicker’ might have been augmented with a ‘buzzer’ by someone with hearing difficulties, and it’s quite likely that a previous owner might have added an alarm system.

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Thank you Derek

I cannot work out the door it seems as just one complete item

The indicator buzzers are very very loud

I am not sure about the rear steadiers, i thought there was but had a look at the weekend and couldn't really see/feel plus we don't have a small winder.

Is it easy to replace the roof sky lights, one wont open ( apparently stuck) and the other is broken. I see we need Heki 400mm midi. What is the difference between forced ventilationa and non foced, its all getting to complicated for me. Starting to wish we kept the MURVI

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I have attached a scanned photo from the 1996 magazine I mentioned. You will see that the fly-screen door is separate to the entrance-door but uses the same hinges.


Several manufacturers make 40cm x 40cm ‘mini’ rooflights




I see that "forced ventilation” is referred to here




I don’t know what that means, though it’s certainly the case that rooflights can be obtained with, or without, ‘permanent’ ventilation.


This usually means that the rooflights without permanent ventilation have extra rubber seals that prevent air from passing from inside the leisure vehicle to the outside. However, if there’s no (or insufficient) ventilation at ceiling level, the motorhome’s interior will rapidly become very stuffy.


If your Pilote just has a couple of 40cm x 40cm rooflights, it would probably be wisest to choose the ‘with permanent ventilation’ type.


These video-clips should give you an idea of what’s involved in replacing a rooflight




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