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new ducato x290 2015


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hello all

just purchased a ducato x290 for selfbuild conversion and am stuck at stage one..the alarm!

trying to install a clifford system and cannot find any wires so far

I am not looking to wire into the canbus system or the cdl but just need to find the indicator/flasher wires and also where each door contact comes back to, i have had the whole dash out and the clocks and still nothing, guess its because of the canbus system :-(

having spent £200 on the alarm system i wont give up 8-)

cant find any info on this van or even a workshop manual

can anyone shed some light please (?)


thank you

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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums.


I can’t assist with your alarm installation, but advice on obtaining a downloadable workshop-manual file for a Ducato X250 is offered here




There’s a fair chance that an X290’s indicator/flasher and door-contact wiring is the same as an X250’s, so the manual for the earlier model might help you.




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Guest Peter James

Welcome to the forum barbelcatcher.

The standard door switches only tell you when the door is open. So I fitted my own to the door handles so the alarm goes off when the handle is pulled - BEFORE the thief has forced the door open.

Would be very interested to see photos of the conversion as you go along

PS as for connecting to the indicator lights I just wired into a convenient wire going to the light fitting.


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