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You can download technical datasheets (TDS) for both SIKA products from here




Sikaflex-512 Caravan is only marketed in white colour, while Sikaflex-252 is available in black or white. As Maggyd’s husband advises Sikaflex-512 Caravan is described by SIKA primarily as a ‘weather resistant sealant’ (though it will certainly bond well too), whereas Sikaflex-252 is marketed as an ‘assembly adhesive’. So I guess you ought really to use the latter for fixing a roof-mounted solar panel.


GOOGLE-ing on “motorhome solar panel adhesive” suggests that Soudaseal RV61




would be a viable alternative.


An earlier forum discussion (with a cross-link to a MHFacts thread)



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Randonneur - 2016-01-24 7:33 PM


Screwfix sell Sikaflex number 87344, It says Sealant but it is also an Adhesive. £6.65



The Screwfix-marketed SIKA product you’ve mentioned is “Sikaflex EBT” and was discussed here:




(I wouldn’t use Sikaflex EBT for a mounting a solar panel.)

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