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Cab battery


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I have an 2015 AT Tracker FB with a factory fitted solar panel. When I took delivery I checked with the factory if both the vehicle and hab battery would be charged from the solar panel when the vehicle is parked in the open. The advice was that if you do not turn off the main isolation switch both batteries will be charged from the solar panel, assuming there is sun of course. I can check the solar charge input from my panel however not sure if your model has that option. Cheers,
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The 2007 Auto-Trail handbook can be found here




and on Page 38 (in the “Electricity Services” section) is the statement


“Built-in dual Solar Regulator - Allows the direct connection of a 20 to 100W solar panel without the need for additional components. The dual regulator charges both the vehicle and leisure batteries simultaneously.”


In principle then the solar panel should be able to charge your Cheyenne 634’s starter and leisure batteries: in practice, who knows what it’s doing?


Suggest that you use a multimeter to check the voltage of both batteries when it’s dark. Then recheck them the following day when there’s plenty of sunlight. If the solar panel is charging the batteries it should be evident from the voltage increase.



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