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Auto trail Delaware shower


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Can anyone help me please it there any way to increase time to shower in motorhomes , I have 10 litres hot water tank I what to try to up grade is there anything I can buy on the market? I understand that caravans have endless hot water a it hot as soon as you turn the tap on thanks Tim
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What you have heard about caravans in incorrect. They use the same system as a motorhome. I believe their is a way around this.But it is expensive.


We also have 10 litres of hot water but we both manage to get a shower one after the other.


We put the hot water on boost for 30 minutes and one it is finished the wife gets a shower, I put it back on most straight away whilst she is in the shower. Once she has finished I get my shower.


But getting a shower in the motorhome is not like home. Turn the shower on to get your wet with the water. Then turn the water off. Lather up and shampoo hair. Turn shower back on to rinse.

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Obtaining a continuous supply of gas-heated hot water would be possible with this type of boiler




However - as should be evident from the advert - this sort of boiler is not intended for use in caravans/motorhomes. They were fiitted historically, but nowadays caravan/motorhome heaters need to have their gas side isolated from the leisure-vehicle’s living area.


As Ian has advised, unless you enjoy cold showers a ‘procedure’ will be necessary when only a limited volume of hot water is available. This earlier forum thread refers:




In that discussion I mentioned Ecocamel shower-heads




I decided to add a shut-off valve to the Ecocamel Jetstorm shower-head fitted as original equipment to my Rapido 640 (and to other makes of motorhome) but this failed to stop the unladylike cursing from the shower compartment when my wife was taking a shower.


Ecocamel shower-heads may be fine for domestic showers where the supply of hot water is relatively unlimited, but they do not marry well with caravan/motorhome water-heating systems that have strictly limited hot water capacity.


In desperation during our last trip to France I replaced the Ecocamel head and shut-off valve with a simple chromed ‘stick’-type one bought for a few euros from an E.Leclerc supermarket. The the water flow from the replacement shower-head is much less than the Ecocamel’s and much more controllable. We’ve always adopted a ‘procedural’ approach to motorhome showering and the overall water usage is now much lower than before. No more wifely bad language and both of us can now have successive hot showers from a 10litre boiler.


This link may be of interest



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