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Brilliant Brian


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I have to say I know some people have moaned about the dogs cats & animals on here . Myself I think each to their own however I have to say everytime I look at your piccy I am in awe I think it is fantastic & this time of year it really conjures up christmas even more . So Its one oclock in the morning and I am showing my hubby your pic.

Thats done it off with the girls to find snow. Will have to try and out do your piccy .LOL No chance.


Like the bit on the snow falling from the roof will not forget now you have mentioned it.



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So Frank is this just a forum where we talk about motorhomes or is it a forum where motorhomers talk? Actually Michele's post has lots to do with motorhoming, she's commented on Brian kirby's avatar which shows his motorhome covered in snow. Now as she's just explained its inspired her to take her family out in the motorhome to find some snow and enjoy life. How much more motorhome related do you want?


If the moderators feel this thread is in the wrong place I'm sure they'll move it and explain why but frankly (pun intended ;-) ) until you become a moderator I don't think its your place to dictate who posts what where.


Happy Christmas, D.

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Dave Newell - 2006-12-08 6:47 AM

until you become a moderator I don't think its your place to dictate who posts what where.


Happy Christmas, D.

It is a point of view and as far as I am aware I do not need to be a moderator to have one. Yours is also a point of view and since neither of us are moderators on this site is one more valid than the other? I don’t think so.


However, if it becomes clear that the general consensus is that any topic goes, then I will have a straightforward choice to make.



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Guest Frank Wilkinson

Just to make things clear, as it's well known that I can be an argumentative b*gger, this 'Frank' is nothing to do with me!

I like cats and dogs (I have a ginger tom called Jasper) and I like this site because, as well as teaching me a lot about my new hobby, it also has some very interesting 'Off Topic' items.

I've had the odd fierce debate with members over typical 'Off Topic' subjects as we're never going to agree about politics or religion for example, but these same people have then pitched in and helped me out with my queries.

As far as I'm concerned Michele, keep posting about anything, it makes things more interesting!

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I stopped writing on here and when I read how rude and insensitive people can be to others points of view or their observations, I am glad I did.


Well said Dave , we need more people like you, lots of knowledge , humour and kindness, and not putting people down or in their place at the first opportunity.


There is a song called "Be careful of the stones that you throw" by Mikki and Griff, a few people on the forum could do to listen to it I feel.

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Frank- I see you posted at 1.23am, were you having a bad night? I think Michele s post was perfectly reasonable, but you have appeared to be personal in your bitter comments. Do the right thing Frank , and apoligise, I am sure Michele would accept it, but I tell you what Frank baby, I wouldnt !chas
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I see that, at least to some, my comments have been taken as a personal attack on one individual. I also see that many do not care what topics are discussed on the forum.


Michele, I have no doubt you probably think the same thing but let me assure you that not for one moment has it even crossed my mind to mount a personal attack on you. It is the nature of the posts that I have complained about.


The last thing I want is to be construed as vindictive person with an axe to grind because that is simply not my personality although I acknowledge that I am forthright in my views. So best all round if I just stop using the forum.




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Oh dear - the pedants are out again.


Perhaps this site should primarily be for MH topics butaren't we making new friends (& apparently enemies). So why can't we have the occasional chat.


Frankly, some people need to get a life.

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Thanks to the mods, in truth it probably does go better in here, I just didn't see it as that much of an issue. I just felt you were a little harsh in your initial response to Michele. No hard feelings Frank? I certainly don't think its cause to resign from this forum, you are a valuable member of the community.


happy Crimbo each, D.

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Only just found your post.  Don't try too hard for snow, the reason for the picture was, after all, that the snow was a completely unexpected event in April!  I was thinking more about fruit blossom than snow, and all of a sudden, there it was! 

However, if you're going, don't forget your snow chains.  Michelin have some new ones out that are a bit like a coarse polyamide net you fit over the tyre, and then tighten towards the centre of the wheel.  Called Easy Grip and claimed to fit in 2 minutes per wheel.  Because of the mesh the net extends around the circumference of the tyre easily enough, but then tightens up to grip it when it is tightened crosswise.  Each intersection of the mesh has a hardened, galvanised steel ring clamped onto it, so you end up with somethng akin to spiked tyres, but with many more spikes.  Apparently these can be used on soft snow, compacted snow, or ice, and are also safe for short distances on tarmac.  Available in France at around 70 Euros per pair, light in weight and compact into the bargain.  Said to be available from large and medium sized supermarkets and auto shops.  Don't know for sure if they go to motorhome sized wheels, though.  If not, the other kind, which are actual chains and claimed to fit in 3 mins per wheel with no need to move the vehicle, called Extrem Grip Automatic, are motorhome wheel sized and cost about 90 Euros per pair. 

If the cheaper ones are large enough you could even fit them to all four wheels, so you can then stop going downhill as well!

There, after all that the post is back to motorhome topics, so Frank should be happy again, and the moderator can move it back to "Motorhome Matters".  Funny old world isn't it?

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Here we go...................................Again.........


Firstly thanks for the support of a few.


Dave Newell I would like to say thanks.


Wingpete not having ago( tounge in cheek) seems like I always mention the children . Little one was in Status Eplilepticus so were not sure if we would be calling an ambulance so we were both up watching her fitting.


Mandy & Andy I sometimes feel the same it is very off putting to say the least.


Chas thanks for the time noted re Frank 's reply


Empress seems its not the season to be jolly but thank you also


Norma you included thank you for your comments


Which leaves me to say the following.................


Dont all jump on the bandwaggon just wish to point something out here

NOT PERSONAL TO ANYONE before you all start.....


Norfolkline very nice to read might of been better in chatterbox

Over come your fear of flying same applies

CB radio same applies

Cost of inverters same applies

Help same applies

laptop phones same applies

Wi Fi Locations same applies

Caterpillar trains for dogs same applies

Ferry good deals same applies

Navman same appliesw

Missing cat same applies

haggling over the price same applies.

It's a dog thing same applies...


As I said above I have enjoyed reading all the above . I have no problem with where they are . If I don't wish to read I don't.

I certainly would not waste time getting out of my pram about who wrote WHAT & WHERE. ...It makes me laugh when some I say SOME people ....

write something serious . Someone pop's up and say's something totally O/T ...straight away they are bought to book, not necessarily by the Author either .

Then you open another thread and talk about the pot calling the kettle black.Bold as brass their there totally O/T themselfs.

I do chuckle . Seems one rule for one and another for others.

Not all things get posted in the right places I 'm not the only one but hey if it makes the moaners out there feel better go ahead ..


Mr Moderator, seeing that you have moved mine which was just a nice polite comment about brians picture am I allowed to suggest that you move all the others that are not directly related to M/H 's............


Tis the season to be JOLLY ...........tra la la la la la la la la.............



Finally what go's where isn't up to me and as stated above I enjoy reading them all this is not personal to anyone just a few headers I chose..

After all we all think differently live & let Live........thought we were all suppose to be like minded people ..........Still they say you live & learn .


;-) Thanks Brian perhaps now it may be moved back ? Who knows the secret of the black magic box

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