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Late stop off near Calais after ABS failure.


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We left home this afternoon for a 6 week trip with friends with first overnight in Belgium. Unfortuneatly 5 miles from home ABS/ESR/Hillstart warning lights came up accompanied with lots of dinging! Found a local fiat professional nearby servicing big commercial vehicles. Diagnosed failed ABS pump,,,, ouch! Said very unusual but that doesn't help.


They located one in UK and can obtain by lunch time and fit in the afternoon. Soooooo the plan is we get an evening Ferry to get us to Calais late, probably 11pm French time.


I am looking for somewhere to overnight. Our route the next day will take us past Brussels (joy) so looking in that direction.


In the past we used to use Gravelines airs but not sure its still there as not on Caming Car infos plus I wonder about the security they days.


Any recommendation for somewhere to overnight where i can rock up late and leave early to catch up with friends?


Many thanks



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