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Citroen jumper v Fiat ducatto


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I have been looking at new Globecar panel van models. On the German website I note that some new models are on the Citroen Jumper or Peugeot and do not offer a fiat alternative


I have been very happy with fiat and whilst I understand the chassis is common the engines are different sooooo my questions/concerns around a Citroen/Peugeot option are

1) reliability - are these as reliable as fiats ( yes I have experienced odd problems but overall I am happy)

2) access for service and repair - there seem to be agents in uk but I wondered about othe eu countries, my internet search seems to indicate thin on the ground but that could just be my search parameters. Does anyone have any experience?

3) I know they don’t do an automatic and the engines are smaller, I wondered about performance in the smaller engines.


I am a little dubious of Citroen/Peugeot but am willing to be persuaded they are the best thing since sliced bread. What is the feeling.




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I'm intrigued by the perspective that a Fiat alternative isn't offered for some models (and indeed, that Globecar build on Peugeot).


The latest (German) Price List here:




...indicates that all layouts are (still) available on a Fiat base.


The (alternative) Citroen base has always been popular on the continent because of the difference in price obvious from the pricelist.


UK imports in RHD have always been on Fiat, though. I've always put it down to a better Fiat dealer network in the UK, and possibly the ease of obtaining RHD (but left-hand rear) vans for easy conversion. Whatever, there is a scarcity of Citroen based conversions from anyone.


There have, however, been rumours of current difficulties in obtaining Ducatos for conversion - I wonder whether that might have something to do with it (though TBH, as they all come out of the same factory, even that might be questionable).


I must admit that while the Fiat can nominally achieve Euro VI status without the use of Adblue, I think I'd prefer their engine, but I think the smaller Citroen/Peugeot engine will suffer only slightly, if at all, in driving comparison.

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Going back to 2010 when we first ordered our van we opted for a Citroen base as we have a good Citroen dealer close to us, the answer at that time was basically whilst the option was there Globecar had not converted any RHD Citroens and they preferred that we changed order to Fiat base. We are coming up to 8 years from then and things may have changed.
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Hi Colin and Robin


Globecar are doing a special edition of the Summit 600, the Summit 600 Plus, but only on Citroen or Peugeot. It’s not in the paper 2018 price list I have and I have no idea if they do it in Right hand drive. I am investigating that but wanted some info before I visit a dealer.


It’s online in English on the website but only prices in euros.



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Historically - in France at least - the policy had been to offer Globecar panel-van conversions on a Fiat Ducato chassis and Possl equivalents on a Citroen Jumper chassis, but nowadays Globecars can be ordered there on either base, with the Jumper version being some €1500 cheaper than a similar specification Ducato.


A few years ago when I (or rather my wife!) was toying with the idea of buying a Globecar, I leaned towards the Jumper version as this had motors with chain-driven camshafts. I mentioned this to a French motorhome salesman who said “Don’t forget that the 2.2litre motors are Ford units and that injector-related problems with them are well known”. Now, of course, whether you buy a Globecar built on a Jumper or Ducato base, the motor will have a timing-belt.


Subsequently - as a dealership local to me was considering obtaining a Globecar franchise - I spoke to the Globecar UK importer and was told that Citroen-based Globecars were not marketed in this country. I asked if LHD Citroen-based Globecars could ‘officially’ be bought in the UK and was told not. Obviously it would have been possible for me to buy a LHD Citroen-based Globecar abroad, but the importer warned me that UK Globecar dealerships were not permitted to deal with any warranty issues for such ‘grey imports’.


The Globecar Summit 600 Plus is indeed said to be available on a Citroen or Peugeot base




The model was also mentioned on the MHFun forum a few months back



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