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Thikaflex v Soudaseal


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I used a Soudal polyurethane adhesive sealant to replace a through-roof solar panel connection box & TV ariel base on my first van. It seemed to work fine & I had no problems with leaks or deteriortaion of the sealant over the next couple of years of ownership. I had Lowdhams Huddersfield replace the rooflights on that van & IIRC they also used Soudal rather than Sikaflex.


I bought mine from an Ebay seller who, IIRC, were horsebox manufacturers.




Nigel B

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Soudal is a belgian company. Their is not a track record vice versa they use the sameproduct. One thing they have all in common is that the owners are very profitable because of unused waste leftover we all are aware of the amount of it on a motorhome. How it looks depends on the applicator in case of semi integral or alcove and their design in slopes. Frustating to see that these depend on the applicator. Some they smear the end on the pistol on the place they feel fit, just above the led above the entrance door etc, It is all the same and get black and difficult to clean, better to take out and renew.
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Guest pelmetman

My experience of sealants is use the one for the job ;-) ........


Not the multi purpose one of the shelf in your local caravan shop *-) .........



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I virtually built my Self Build campervan with Sikaflex 512 and I find it's performance amazing!


It sticks anything to anything, provides a waterproof seal and will even work under water.


My Topbox is stuck to the roof with Sikaflex 512.


It might not be the cheapest, but the best usually isn't the cheapest.


My advice if you only want to do it once, use Silaflex 512.





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Motorhome manufacturers that use constructional adhesives/sealants will probably employ SIKA or Henkel products as these are the market leaders. Both are mentioned in this 2015 forum discussion




A significant difference between SIKA or Henkel products, and Soudal’s “Soudaseal” products




is that the latter are generally marketed in the UK more widely and less expensively.


A sat-TV dish-unit will usually have a large ‘footprint’ and any suitable good quality adhesive should be adequate for attaching the dish-unit to a motorhome’s roof if the task is done properly. So saving a few quid by choosing a Soudal-branded product SHOULD be OK.

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