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The Royal Wedding & TV in France


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Going to Cherbourg next Friday in our motorhome, booked it before Harry and Megan's wedding was announced. SWMBO now tells me that if we can't get BBC coverage in the Cherbourg area she'll stay in a hotel in Portsmouth and watch on TV and come over as a foot passenger on Sunday. Not my idea of fun.


We have no definite plans of where to go and haven't booked anywhere, planning to just make it up as we go, so does anybody know if I were to book into a camp site around Cherbourg, could I pick up UK TV from, say, the Jersey transmitter?


Any site recommendations would be good too,



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personally, I thought that the idea of crossing the channel, was to get away from it all.


However if you insist on wedding bliss on tv, then there are several different option,.

Firstly amend your booking .

Secondly, as you suggested, try viewing from channel isles Jersey, but that is not very likely to be a good path, as uktv is not designed to be receivable in France .

3rd option, go watch it on french tv..

Or if you have satellite tv in the van, the problem solved


As a retired tv systems engineer, and Radio Amateur, we carry a portable satelite aerial, modified sky aerial, on a ex washing line tripod, and a cheapo satellite decoder ex Maplin, and the tv is an early Avtex which came with the van..


Satellite tv at Cherbourg for uk programmes will be perfectly feasible with the right equipment, and I bet that one or more of the French channels will also be covering the event..




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We have some friends who stay on a site about 45 mins down the peninsula who get UK TV.

We were at La Haye-du-Puit a few years ago and could receive Channel Islands ITV and BBC1 and few other channels. (Campsite L'Eiaing des Haizes). It is around level with Jersey!!

My mate who arrived home yesterday says reception there good on all channels with a standard aerial pointed toward islands.which are only 20-30 miles away,


The staff generally speak english so try emailing to ask about pitches?




Good luck


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Thanks Martin, just what SWMBO wanted to hear. Looked at the site and it seems pretty good. Doubt it'll be full so won't book, will turn up and give it a go.


Meanwhile anyone else have any suggestions for that part of France, i.e. the left hand side of the Cotentin peninsular? On the beach would be great, I could walk the dogs while she cries over the wedding. :-S *-)

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Well I had a fantastic day last Saturday.

We were in Cornwall and the co-pilot insisted that she must watch it most of the day.

Early bus for me up the coast to Newquay, walk around the coast path to St Agnes.

Sunshine all day, a nice pasty in Perranporth for lunch,and then the bus stop for home in St Agnes was outside of a pub with Perroni lager on tap.

A perfect day IMO.

I wish there was a royal wedding every week.


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