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Will someone help a motorhome owner on the Motorhome Fun forum, please?


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Please can someone who has access to Motorhome Fun, update a thread to help the poster who is in danger of creating damage to his power controller? I have been banned so can't do it.


A Motorhome Fun member has put a post on the forum about creating a big battery bank for their Arsilicii controlled motorhome.


They have been advised by the experts on the MF forum to go ahead with the big battery bank which will risk the Power controller charger, which is over £400 to replace new.

The design of the front connectors through which all the Alternator current goes, struggles to support a single good battery, let alone 2 x 120Ah.


The Poster has an early 10 amp Arsilicii unit which only supports a single battery, and that has to be perfect.

See thread here : https://www.motorhomefun.co.uk/forum/threads/adding-power.140365/



Please can you ask them to read this web page, http://www.aandncaravanservices.co.uk/arsilicii.php it shows photographs of units destroyed by the Alternator current where a second battery has been added and explains how/why the damage occurs.



There is also a web page that covers adding a second battery in more general terms to other manufacturers power units that are also susceptible -



It shows photos of units that have caught fire showing that not all Power controller/chargers will support more than one battery and gives advice on what can be done to get around some of the issues.


Thank you.

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I've seen posters asking questions on motorhome fun that I know the answer to.

But then I found I would have to pay before I could post 8-)

If I was paying for help fair enough - but I would have had to pay to help them

So their questions went unanswered :-S

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I’ve posted as Allan requested - but only then noticed that last posting in the thread had been October 2016, nearly 18 months ago!


Presumably any damage the OP was going to do has been long done by now!


The thread did also already contain a link to help pages on A&N.

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Thank you, I know it's old but these get read over and over. It came up in search on Google that someone did yesterday when they were researching expanding their battery bank.


They saw the reference to us in the post and asked for more info on why the units will be damaged.



The existing reference to the web site was a web page listing general text on battery bank size relating to Mains chargers, which was discounted by the experts on the forum.

The additional link you have posted is specific to Arsilicii charging issues, and Alternator current burning them out, not mains charging.


If the original poster does see it, and is on his second burnt out unit, it might stop him buying a third without putting the set-up back to original?

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