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Hydraulic Levelling


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I would say first try the van, then see how much of a problem you find levelling actually is.


We have the usual levelling ramps, but I can usually get the van level (to the extent that it is not noticeably out of level) without their use. The ground itself is seldom perfectly flat, and most vans tend to run low at the front, so with a bit of "shuffling" it is usually possible to use both factors to get near enough.


You ask if it is worth it. Personal judgement: no. They are expensive and, although they have advantages beyond merely achieving a level floor, the number of occasions when simple, much less costly, means will not achieve the same end are very few, in my experience.


Hence my advice to first try the van as it is, and then see if your mode of use leaves you with an actual problem.


You'd be likely to get at least one full holiday for less cost than fitting hydraulic levelling rams. :-)

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Hydraulic levelling was discussed here earlier in the year




and these 2015 and 2017 articles may be of interest






(The Swift Kon-Tiki 669 is a whopper - 5-tonne MTPLM, 8.56m long and tandem rear-axle configuration. It’s perhaps understandable why Stewart finds the idea of hydraulic levelling attractive.)

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Brian, thanks for the pragmatic response, Derek and Lawrence, thanks for the links all now read. I will do some research on the prices but through the winter will see how we get on. In 40 nights in 12 months with our Hobby 750 we never really had a problem so I guess this is very much a 'luxury item' £5k will certainly buy a lot of nights camping.

Thanks all




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There is an alternative to hydraulic levelling that uses electrically operated ‘legs'. This is mentioned in the December 2018 issue of MMM magazine and details are in the following links.





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