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Reversing Camera Recommendations


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Hi, We have a reversing camera on our van, which I think was fitted when the can was new in 2005. The image is only B&W and fairly fuzzy, and in the dark almost useless. Until recently it also had sound on it, which was useful as at least I could hear the wife shouting to stop or go left or right even if i could see very little.

Recently the sound packed up so i feel it is time to buy a new one. Does anybody have any recommendations. Ideally I would like sound as well as vision, and a good picture in limited light, although it has crossed my mind to fit a led reversing light. Not too fussed by budget as in my mind even if it is £200 that is still far cheaper than repairing the van when i hit something!




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There is a ggod deal of past discussion here about reversing camera systems, as using the forum’s “Search our Forums” feature will show. These are just a couple of recentish examples:






People spend a small fortune on a reversing camera system and then mention its limitations, or spend peanuts on an ebay-bought system and say it’s wonderful.




Regarding ’sound’, a couple of the kits (PM75 and PM78) advertised on the following link say that the cameras have microphones.




Suggest you also contasct this company for advice




as its owner is very familiar with motorhome-suitable systems.




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It is very true what Derek states that some people are happy with the peanuts ebay product whilst some prefer to buy a more upmarket product.

Hence you will find it difficult to receive meaningful recommendations. As just about all products now come from China the Brand names mean nothing. You are better of buying from a reputable company in the UK. Of course I would say that but not for much longer. Retirement finally seems a reality with new people joining the business.


There is multitude of camera formats now on the market. For simplicity I would advise choosing a camera based on CCD technology rather that CMOS. The colours and contrast are so much better. You only need AHD (Analogue High Definition) cameras if you intend to record the images as many HGVs now do. You just don't need 1080P resolution on a 7" monitor.

The best cabling system uses the 4-Pin Aviation type connector which has an outer screw bezel that makes a very firm and water resistant connection

I am not a great fan of audio on a reversing camera. A correctly position camera does not need the assistance of a person outside to direct you.

Audio cameras have a small hole behind which sits the microphone. Over time this hole can get block or let in moisture. But if you insist, audio cameras are readily available.


Some of the big brand names like Brigade market kits of camera cable and monitor but do strange things with the pin-outs on the cables, making the configuration non standard. Hence, if anything goes wrong in future years you have to buy a Brigade replacement or get the soldering iron out. Not that there are any defined pin-out standards but most suppliers now seem to stick a common format.

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I can recommend parkingcameras.com (as mentioned by Derek). My 2006 van needed a new camera and the wiring method through the rear panel into the van was 'unusual'. The connectors were no longer current ones either.


Parking Cameras were very helpful. The first camera was unsuitable (it had the standard length wiring and connectors). I sent it back and they supplied me with a 'special' with longer wiring and different connectors and a wiring adaptor. They actually sent the replacement before they received the first one back.


Excellent service.

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