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There was a byer of a carthago liner for two on this site. They sell fiat- alko chassis, Or full iveco. Whit air suspension. It has a Probed2000 electric lift up bed from italy. I had this one before. Anyway the client refuse it- Harch to drive. Derek for good reason blocked the discussion of personal matter. But i was interested in the drive behavior. Via the Uk dealer i find out what was installed on the liner. Very impressive. Cheers and see you in a local pup in france.
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witzend - 2019-09-14 7:55 PM


monique.hubrechts@gm - 2019-09-14 7:49 PM There was a byer of a carthago liner for two on this site. .


I wondered what happened to him as well did he ever end up buying it ?


The forum-member ordered a new Fiat-based Carthago “Liner for Two”. When this was delivered it was found to have no realistic payload and the motorhome dealership took it back and refunded the purchase price,


The forum-member next purchased from the same dealership an already-built Iveco-based Carthago “Liner for Two” that was then retro-fitted with ‘air assist’ on the front suspension. This did not satisfactorily address the buyer’s criticism of the vehicle’s harsh ride and the motorhome was offered for sale by the dealership.


The whole sad tale can be read in these forum threads





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