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What is the proper etiquette when sacking a Prime Minister ?


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Her Majesty has reportedly been given advice on her powers to dismiss a Prime Minister should she see fit.

It has been suggested that such powers might be exercised in about a fortnight's time in the event that the incumbent fail both in his attempts to obtain a Brexit deal and also in obtaining an extension as would then be required by Act of Parliament.


My question concerns the manner in which she should go about this. I gather the current fashion among the younger generation when dumping a unwanted boyfriend is to do it by text message, but somehow that would seem to lack the style we have come to expect from the House of Windsor. My suggestion would be that she should travel from Buck House to the Palace of Westminster by riding down the Mall and Whitehall in the Irish State Coach escorted by the Household Cavalry, take her seat on the throne and instruct Black Rod to summon the Commons to the Lords like they do for a Queen's Speech before ordering the troops to take him to the Tower.


That would show excellent manners and make much better TV viewing than a mere broadcast to the nation like the annual message wishing a merry xmas to everybody in the Commonwealth.


How do others think she should graciously go about it if the situation arises?



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Public execution, orf with his head I reckon. Same for the other Death Eaters.


Then she should crown that nice Jo Swinson Prime Minister who will waltz into Downing street like snow white surrounded by Butterflies and little fawns and stuff, the sun will come out lifting the UK out of the black and white and dark place it has been for three and a half years and everyone will live happily ever after.

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pelmetman - 2019-10-04 8:21 AM


Keep on dreaming Losers :D ..........


You cant stop your nightmare from happening >:-) ..........


We already have (lol)

You must be daft enough to believe what BoJo says in public and is reported in the Daily Mail. (lol)

In documents submitted to the Scottish Court which BoJo tried to keep secret, he says he will seek an externsion if no deal agreed by Oct 19th (lol)

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