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Carrying a 3rd propane tank


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JeffersonCampervan - 2019-10-06 3:03 PM


Carrying a 3rd propane tank for 5 weeks this winter in Greece. Likely heavy furnace use.2001 Hymer B654,Dutch registration,Dutch propane tanks. The last 2 winters we have travelled to Morocco and carried a 3rd tank in the garage, lying on its side. I've since read that propane tanks should only be transported upright in a well ventilated area. Those of you who have carried extra tanks, what precautions do you take?

Hi Frank.


I assume the Dutch cylinders are exchange type? If so, have you looked into getting a Greek exchange cylinder? Assuming a bulkhead mounted regulator, and providing you can get the right "pigtail" to connect the Greek cylinder to your regulator, this seems to me to offer the easiest solution. As the van is Dutch, and Dutch registered, I assume it must also be Dutch insured, so would I be right is assuming it is stored and insured on your behalf by a Dutch dealer, or similar? If so, and if you can find out what cylinder fitting is common in Greece (and my assumption above is correct), the dealer should be able to get one, and hand it to you when you arrive.


For convenience, we have one French, and one UK, cylinders in our van, both connected to the same bulkhead regulator, but each using the appropriate "pigtail" hose between cylinder and regulator. Switching between 'tother and which is just a case of turning on the gas from the reserve when the service cylinder runs out, so the principle is sound - if you can identify what you need for Greece.


However, I'm making assumptions, as I don't know whether a 2001 Hymer B654 would have a bulkhead mounted gas regulator in the gas locker, or whether the regulator would be cylinder mounted, but even if cylinder mounted, it should still be possible get the relevant regulator for Greece (though possibly only in Greece!) or alternatively an adaptor to allow the Dutch regulator to be fitted to the Greek cylinder.


It is just possible that you may find the Greek cylinder attachment is the same as that in your van, but each country tends to have evolved its own individual attachment type, so I wouldn't put money on that!

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