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Hobby Vantana 2016


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Hi guys,


Looking for help please.

I own a LHD Vantana K60 over here in Norway and have an electrical problem.

Firstly I had an alarm sound (3 short bleeps) when the control panel was switched on and I started the engine.

This happened regularly and I assumed it was some type of battery warning and I replaced the battery.

Anyhow this continued until yesterday when the intermittent alarm changed to a steady on. Then the control panel went dead and I am unable to turn it back on.


Firstly does anyone know what the alarm is for?

And secondly where do I start to look to resolve the problem.


Any help greatly appreciated


Thanks Rich

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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Rich.


The TFT control-panel and CI-BUS electrical management system fitted to your Vantana are (I believe) unique to Hobby. They have occasionally been referred to on this forum in the past (2017/2018 examples here)






but I’m doubtful that any forum-member will be sufficiently familiar with the Hobby system to offer specific trouble-shooting advice.


1: As witzend touches on, confirm that all the fuses are OK.


2: Take a voltage reading at the leisure-battery terminals to confirm that battery’s charge-state.


3: See if starting and running your Vantana’s motor, or connecting the vehicle to a 230V power-supply allows the control-panel to become alive.


4: Take a voltage reading at the leisure-battery terminals when the motor is running to confirm that the leisure-battery is receiving charge from the vehicle’s alternator.


5: Take a voltage reading at the leisure-battery terminals when the vehicle is connected to a 230V mains power-supply to confirm that the leisure-battery is receiving charge from the vehicle’s on-board battery-charger.


6: Check that the ‘battery circuit breaker’ is correctly set.


7: Try disconnecting the leisure-battery’s earth cable, leaving the battery disconnected for (say) 10 minutes and then reconnecting the cable to see if this procedure might ‘reboot’ the electrical system.


I did come across this 2017 ‘alarm-related’ enquiry on the UK Hobby Motorhome Owners Club website




but I’m not sure it helps with your problem.


The Hobby Manual provides little advice about trouble-shooting, so - unless the cause of the fault is straightforward (fuse failure, battery not being charged) I think you’ll need to involve a Hobby motorhome dealership.




(Fortunately, there seem to be quite a few Hobby dealerships in Norway.)

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I can rule out the footstep,thanks


The manual says that a warning will be given if the battery drops below 50%. Does not state if it’s an audio warning or not. The thing is on the previous occasions this happened, when I still had a functioning control panel I could see the battery was fully charged.


Going to cause some head scratching I think.


Problem is i dont even have a dealer near me that i have any faith in.


Thanks for your feedback


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Thanks for that comprehensive check list.


This is the 2016 model so the very first Vantana. The support, manual, advice from Hobby is lacking information in so many areas.


Now I have somewhere to start. That’s this weekend planned anyway.


Thanks for the advice

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Ok now I am thoroughly confused.


Ran through your checklist, everything seems to be working fine regarding the batteries and the charging system.


I removed the connection from the back of the control panel ( the one directly to the pcb ) reconnected and bingo everything back online.

Started the engine the panel bleeps and then it went dead again. Unplugged/replugged control unit again and it all came back. Started engine and this time it gave a continuous bleep and the panel showed ‘testing 123456789’ then it all went dead again.

Went through the same ‘reset’ again and it’s all back. And all working part from the bleeping when I start the engine.


I don’t believe it will stay functioning though, it’s just completely random.


I guess it’s an expensive trip to the dealer and I guess they will have a way of testing the control panel/ software etc.


Thanks for your advice guys.


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Have you tried replacing the CR2032 battery on the back of the control-panel?


Even if this were completely discharged I can’t see why it should produce the symptoms you’ve described, but you never know...


Suggest you check with the Hobby dealership how familiar they are with the CI-Bus system before taking your Vantana there. It’s obvious from the Hobby Manual how complex the system is and (as far as I can make out) all the functionality seems to be in the control-panel itself.

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