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Fiat ducato hazard switch


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Hi I have a 2001 fiat ducato swift Sundance motorhome.

I have an issue with my hazard switch where it doesn't flash inside the cab but does flash the external lights.

The switch is round and has a multi pin connection.

I brought a new one thinking it was faulty but the new one does the same.

There is an led in the unit but it's not flashing.

I've check the fuse but it's ok. I've looked for a relay but can't find it. Can anyone help please.

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The Peter Russek Pocket Mechanic Manual, on page 194 shows things that could effect it . Unfortunately my scanner and computer are not talking to each other at the moment so I can't send you a photo, perhaps someone on the forum can.


V2300 Hazard warning light unit. ( 9 connections )

V2305 Flasher unit. (3 connection )

Brian B.


ps I cannot see a relay on the wiring diagram for it. It connects to to the fuse box at F1.

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I think this advert shows the switch used on Fred's motorhome




The motorhome's hazard warning lights do flash when the switch is pressed, so EJB's diagnosis may well be correct that a simple bad earth or broken wire is preventing the switch's LED from illuminated.


(It might be worth Fred contacting Coastal Motorhomes for advice.)

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I do not know if this is any help but it is typical of the flasher / hazard circuit that Citreon / Fiat used at that time.

The hazard switch is item 65, the lamp NEG is on Pin 7 and is connected directly to chassis together with the individual dash lamps NEG. I would check that connection first and if ok then look at the inputs to the switch that connect when the switch is operated.

I think the POS to the hazard lamp is on the switch Pin 4 and is connected to the indicator relay i.e it gets a POS from the relay when the indicator lamps go ON.

Sorry it would not let me add a photo of the schematic to my post

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rayc - 2020-05-12 2:16 PM


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