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Peugeot boxer 2016 servicing


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Just over 6 L low ash oil.


Opie Oils can also supply the air, cabin, and fuel filter

You may need a diagnostic system to reset the service indicator if this is active.


my service schedule,


Fluids and filters


Drain engine oil and filter, replace filter cartridge and fill with specified oil.

5-30 synthetic low ash, 6.2l. Replace sump plug recommended.

Replace fuel filter.

Replace pollen filter.

Replace air filter cartridge.

Check fluids and top up as required, windscreen washer, brake fluid, power steering fluid

Change brake fluid every 24 months


Braking system


Check handbrake adjustment, adjust if needed.

Braking system, check efficiency and balance of braking system.

Brake pads and discs, check for operation and wear limit. Remove pads for inspection, check slider pins for free movement. Check discs for scoring and wear limit.

Check flexible brake pipes,.


Checks and inspections.


Tyre condition check and adjust pressure if necessary.

Lighting system, check operation of exterior lighting, interior lights and panel warning lights.

Windscreen wipers and washer, check for correct operation and wear/position.

Visual inspection of condition of bodywork, under body protection, exhaust, exhaust mountings, fuel and brake system condition of pipe work, flexible hoses, suspension bushes.

Visual inspection of engine compartment, accessory drive belts, hoses, security of wire looms, plugs and sockets.

Exhaust system check for leaks and check emissions.

Locks and linkages check and lubricate.


Check via diagnostic socket for correct operation of system electronic modules.

Reset service indicator.


Infrequent maintenance


Auxiliary drive belts, replace at 120,000 km, stretch belts no adjustment

Coolant change every 5 years




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Thanks for replies, the Peugeot spec is Total Activia Quartz (sounds like something the wife eats) 0w-30 or 5w-30.

I wanted the peugeot oil filter number as the filter fitted by the Peugeot main dealer at the last service was not a genuine Peugeot part.

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Both my Peugeot Boxers with this Ford PUMA engine have come new from Peugeot with the Ford oil filter fitted.

I did buy one genuine oil filter from an online Peugeot dealer early on and inside the blue Peugeot box was the same white Ford oil filter.


The original 'fit' oil was Total Quartz Ineo ECS 5w30 to PSA B71 2290 spec. I don't think that the Activia name is used in the UK.

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John52 - 2020-06-23 7:46 AM


You can put your reg number in here to find parts


You need to order online to get the discount before going to pick them up or they charge rip-off price

You get the best discount code every time you re-register as a new customer ;-)



they don't seem to be doingthe new customer discount at the moment?

so I got the same stuff from their sister site https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/

(lower prices, lower discount, still worked out cheaper, but didn't do click & collect)

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