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Tyre sealant

Phil Francis

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I had it in all four tyres but have had it washed out of all of them because:


1. You cannot balance the wheel with this in, you need to get it balanced before putting it in.

2. Tyre fitters hate it! any brand not just OKO

3. It can gum up the valve making inflation/deflation difficult, known as a "sticky" valve in the trade apparently.

4. I've had one alloy wheel valve seat corrode sufficient to require a new alloy rim (expensive!) I'm not certain that it was the OKO stuff that caused the problem or the winter road salt solution that they use in France that we had driven through. Could have been both or either, I've no proof either way just a badly corroded valve seat that couldn't be sorted by alloy restorers or the tyre fitters.

5. It will not seal a side wall cut/slash or curbing damage.

6. My tyre company said that they could not repair a nail hole if any such sealant has been used because it nullifies the adhesion they need for the repair plug.


It does work well with nails and screws on the main tread, as long as you don't need it plugging (see above).


Hope my experience helps.

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We had this injected into our mother in law’s large disabled buggy.

In the past she had them filled solid, but gave a harsh ride.

Within a month of having this self seal stuff she suffered a puncture and out leaked the gunge.

Tyre fitters can charge an extra fee to fit new tyres after cleaning the wheel.

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I've used "Puncturesafe" tyre sealant, since 2006. It was injected, at the Peterborough show, at that time, and remained, in that set of tyres, until they were 12 years old. I should add, that twice during this period, I had the spare tyre swapped, to even up wear.

On both occasions, I advised the tyre fitter, about the sealant, and there were no problems, at all.


After 12 years, I had a set of new tyres fitted, and again, advised "Kwikfit", about the sealant. This didn't even raise any issues.

Subsequently, I had "Puncturesafe" injected, into the new set. Our motorhome is now 15 yrs old.


Does the permanent sealer work? I don't know, but I've had no punctures, over that time, and, following the late Mel Eastburn, I ditched the spare wheel, 14 years ago, to save weight.

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As far as I’m aware, in the past there has been just one casual mention on this forum of OKO-branded sealant - but there are plenty of on-line references




including these two recent-ish MHFun relevant discussions






It’s worth noting the warning in the 1st MHFun link that retro-fitted TPMS systems that use a sensor attached to the top of the valve-stem (eg.the systems marketed by TyrePal) may be incompatible with tyre sealant.


This was specifically mentioned in this 2013 TyrePal document




- Do not fit sensors to tyres that have been treated with internal tyre sealant. The sealant may damage the sensor or impair its action.


and the webpage for the latest TyrePal sensor






Not recommended for use with puncture sealant but it can be used alongside safety bands.


This OKO link may amuse...




See also



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I've used punctureseal and ultraseal without problems, however its advisable to get the tyres balanced before getting it installed, they don't and shouldn't for safety reasons seal a large hole or a sidewall hole but will leave a tell tail coloured marker, off road sealers will fill bigger holes but they're not advisable for roads.


If you have a puncture in the tread area and it needs a plug a decent tyre fitter will know to wipe the area with a damp cloth first., I had several pieces of wire in both my rear tyres when my new tyres were fitted with no air loss,

My local chap moved to another area (went back home to Hull), so I haven't had it done since, but still think I ought to.


Both Punctureseal and Ultraseal have antifreeze properties to prevent freezing and to stop corrosion, as well as air migration, they don't us give an excuse not to check tyres regularly ??

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I've used OKO in every vehicle I've owned for years and have seen the evidence that it works on inspection of old tyres after removal. I just assume that tyre fitters who complain expect to charge extra because you've used it are just rip off merchants as its not in anyway harmful and washes away easily with water. Anything that stops me having to change a wheel in the dark with it raining (thats when it'd happen) got to be good

Perhaps as said above it may block up the new tyre pressure sensors I've no knowledge of them but would rather have its benefit than tyre pressure sensors.



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