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Tory support for their sex offender


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John52 - 2020-11-24 9:26 AM


Letters sent to Judge on our notepaper for one of their own


Jesus God.....so his ex-wife along with five other Tory MP's have been attempting to influence the judiciary to benefit one of their own who isn't an MP since being jailed. 8-)


"The issue has also been raised in parliament by Stewart, who called for a debate. The leader of the house, Jacob Rees-Mogg, told him he had raised a concerning point and said he would refer the matter to the lord chief justice and the attorney general."


An AG who doesn't believe in the rule of law as she did not resign when her government decided to present a bill intended to break international law and declared a member of the government not guilty prior to the result of a police investigation.


It's bad enough having politicians thinking they are above the law, but having politicians behind the scenes attempting to influence court decisions has to be of deep concern, no matter which party is in power.


Only recently Johnson 'requested' the head of an independent inquiry to make his report 'palatable'.


Also Patel use her position for political biased reasons to attack 'activist' lawyers.

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Bulletguy - 2020-11-24 3:01 PM


Barryd999 - 2020-11-24 9:48 AM


Whats happened about that Rape case from "an ex Tory Minister"?


Anyone heard from Penfold lately by the way?

Gone very quiet hasn't it? They'll be looking to bury it with something.


Maybe they will pin it on Danger Mouse instead. (lol)

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