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Broken Flyscreen


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The drawstrings on the door flyscreen on our 2012 Majestic (Elddis) 180 have broken. I'm not sure who the manufacturer of the screen is. I remember reading in one of the magazines that one manufacturer will supply (free!) a repair kit but I cannot find the details now. Is anyone able to help?
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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Ian.


Motorhome/caravan entrance-door flyscreens are marketed by more than one manufacturer.


Many flyscreens are made by Horrex or Remis






but I THINK Elddis MAY fit a “Hartal” product.




This 2015 forum thread discussed replacing a door-flyscreen’s guide-strings (on a Rapido motorhome)




this Auto-Trail Owner’s Club webpage refers to a similar task




and these 2018 and 2019 MHFun threads refer to a MMM Magazine article about the issue






The 2018 MHFun discussion includes the fillowing statement


The MMM article on how to repair a Hartalight Flyscreen Door was in March 2017 issue, page 208. The author reckoned it took him 5 hours to do the repair. This flyscreen was fitted to a 2013 Bailey Approach 760. Available as back issue via the online store.


I don’t have the March 2017 issue, but another forum-member may be able to provide you with a copy of the article. (I’d be surprised that any sort of ‘repair kit’ would be offered generally free-of-charge - though I suppose a motorhome journalist might be given the necessary materials if he/she planned to write a piece about it...)

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This Horrex webpage






Is your Flyscreen cord broken? Contact one of our dealers for a replacement kit!


They are only able to send you a kit if it's a Horrex product!


We do have the instruction manual, this can be found below.


and (as you rightly say) instructions are there for cord replacement for a Horrex door-flyscreen




This looks like a really fun task, but it could well explain Ian’s reference to a flyscreen manufacturer being able to (or being prepared to) provide a free cord replacement kit, as the ‘kit’ just comprises 12 metres of cord and 4 connectors.


This 2013 discussion




mentioned a Horrex door-flyscreen on an Elddis product, but the Elddis leisure-vehicle was a 2001 caravan so this may not be relevant to a 2012 Elddis motorhome.


There is a Facebook group for Elddis Motorhome Owners




so someone there might well know what make of door-flyscreen is fitted to Ian’s 2012 Majestic 180 (or an Elddis dealer might be able to say).

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My previous MH , an Autotrail had the Horrex flyscreen door fitted. To replace the door strings I used sailcloth repair thread that was waxed an multi corded. I also used the instructions from the AT owners club. If you plan to do this and it is a Horrex screen door you would be well advised to check the condition of the eyelets that redirect the cords through the frame for corrosion. If they are corroded it will be only a matter of time before the cord frays again,. Possibly a regular spray with silicon would help reduce the corrosion. Cheers,
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.... and indeed you can use Kevlar kite cord.


I had to buy a spool of it to repair my door, twice. Be smarter than me, and when you have it apart, repair them both.


Good advice about the abrading wear.


I'm happy to give you (and indeed anybody else) enough to do your repair for the postage, PM me.


Good luck.





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This 2019 MHFun forum discussion mentioned using kevlar cord and commented on differences between the Horrex and Hartal flyscreens.




It looks like Remis door-flyscreens do not have ‘cords’, so Ian’s Elddis probably has a Hartal or Horrex screen and - if one knows what to look for - it should be possible to visually distinguish between the two makes.

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Hi to Brunlea -



My experience reflects all that has already been said reference 're-stringing' a 'Sliding Flyscreen', even Todds (my highly respected local MH dealer) told me 'Its cheaper to buy and fit a new, than us spending 4 or 5 hours trying to re string one!


From drawings (and being a Bessacarr) I assume ours it is Hartal - same as Habitation Door ?


Whilst the actual work is more 'fiddly than difficult', should you attempt the 're thread', the 1st thing I would recommend - find a none carpeted floor area large enough to allow (undisturbed) re-assembly of the frame to allow study & full understanding of the actual workings of the (2) 'cords'! Reason, 2019 the time I repaired ours, couldn't find info directly related to our 2008 Mfgt. Bessacarr E695...


And yes, it was a 5 hours plus task stretching into 2 days whilst the frame was laid flat on the Conservatory Floor (with strict instructions "not go within 6 feet of it") whilst figuring out just how & where to re thread the new cord(s) that had been pulled clean out of their original hole positions in the net as the cord broke...

May I wish you the best in bringing it back to full operation..


Dave Adams


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My Rapido has a Hartal-made habitation-area entrance-door, but the doorway’s sliding flysceren is a Horrex product.


Just as Robinhood has advised above, my Rapido’s flyscreen (looking outwards from inside the motorhome) has a label in the top-left corner with the Horrex logo on it. (1st attached image below). The flyscreen also has two of the distinctive cord tensioners that Horrex employs (2nd image below).


This 2017 CaravanTalk forum thread discussed ‘restringing’ a Hartal door flyscreen




and included photos of the MMM article referred to earlier in this thread (Images 3 and 4 below show the article, but I’m not sure how legible they’ll be.)


(I suspect that all the flyscreens mentioned in the CaravanTalk thread were not Hartal-made.)





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Hi Derek - As always, your article is correct, in that the Hartal Sliding Fly-screen was the very same as fitted from new in our E 695 Bessacarr ! Just seeing the printed repair info caused me to break out in a cold sweat !!!! They truly are a 'faff' to 're-cord' on so many points, especially so (but not just) where the multiple cords are required to be clamped together to allow full return to use, they really are 'a messy, faff' of a job in that, should ours fail again, you just may find me outside on my knees in prayer for the supply of a new complete replacement assembly ??? I truly believe I couldn't stand a further 5 hours on the floor for a 2nd repair !


Following today's Vaccine news, I hope the light is starting glow at the end of the travel tunnel !


Take Care

Dave Adams



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