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Engine battery for a Chausson Welcome 717GA?


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managed to jump-start the above the other day but forgot to get the battery (there might be 2 apparently under the Driver seat) details for replacements - documentation on this model is extremely limited and I'm unable to get to the van for a while so does anyone know what Battery(s) I need to ask for so I can replace them next time?




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This link is to a GB Chausson User’s Manual for the 2015 model-year.




Pages 19 through 23 cover the location and removal of the auxiliary-battery (leisure-battery) for coachbuilt models based on a Fiat Ducato or Ford Transit.


For Fiat-based models the manual (Page 21) suggests that - on RHD vehicles - a single leisure-battery is housed transversely beneath the passenger seat. No battery specification details are provided.


For Ford-based models the manual (Page 23) suggests that - for LHD or RHD vehicles - a single leisure-battery will be housed longitudinally beneath the passenger seat. No battery specification details are given.


A Fiat-based Welcome 717GA model will have its starter-battery in a lidded compartment in the floor of the cab on the UK nearside. (The following poor video deals with replacement.)



The starter-battery’s dimensions are


Length = 353 mm

Width = 175 mm

Height = 190 mm


and a Varta Silver Dynamic (100Ah)




or a Varta LFD90 (90Ah)




have been suggested here as good choices. (I fitted the former to my Rapido.) The Fiat Ducato Owner Handbook does not advise.


Mk 6 and Mk 7 Ford Transits housed their starter-battery beneath the driver’s seat (for LHD and RHD versions) and apparently this continues to be the case for current Mk 8 Transits. The following video shows the location on a LHD Transit Mk 8 and describes replacement. (Not that simple a task...)




Apparently, beneath the Transit’s seat, there may be a single starter-battery, or two batteries with one providing starting duties and the other providing power for ‘auxiliaries’. (I suspect Chausson would specify the single starter-battery arrangement, but who knows?) The Transit Handbook MIGHT give specification details of the battery/batteries, but a Ford dealership should know.


There have been reports in the past that the leisure-battery of new Chausson motorhomes is not fitted at the French factory, but instead installed by the dealership selling the vehicle and that the buyer MIGHT be given a choice. And sometimes that the dealership installation ain’t great, with a ‘maintainable’ wet-acid battery being chosen but no vent-tube connected to it. So although Harry was interested in starter-battery details (and I assume his mention of 2 batteries means that he has the Transit version) it might be sensible for him to check what leisure-battery he has too,

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